Misha Designs Gives SLS AMG A Proper Send Off

Misha Designs Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cover

Article by Anthony Alaniz.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is about to bid adieu, galloping off into the race-red sunset, replaced by something more competitive with the Porsche 911. The SLS brought back a classic look that only Mercedes could pull off—gullwing doors. We may never see another car with them again from the German automaker, but that doesn’t mean legions of loyal fans and tuners are going to let the car disappear without a proper send off.

There are numerous one-off and production body kits for the AMG-engineered sports car, but Misha Designs is working on an upgraded offering for the outgoing car. This body kit is special for a number reasons—one being that it looks rightfully sick, almost to the level of a Black Series, which inspired the bits.

There is another, far more compelling reason this body kit is awesome—it bolts directly to the mounting points without the need for any additional modifications, making installation a breeze.

Taking cues from the Black Series, Misha Designs created a slew of new parts including a new front and rear bumper and rear diffuser, new side skirts, a restyled hood, a new front grille, a choice of a rear spoiler, along with hood inserts, side vents and carbon finish on the A-pillars. Other modifications include carbon fiber front bumper lip and diffuser, wing blade and side skirts.

Misha Designs Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Side Profile

All of these goodies are for sale individually or can be bought as a complete kit—read: the easy way.

Misha Designs, which was established in 2004, began as a vision of Misha Rade Djordjevic and his desire to build unique parts for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche after buying a Porsche 996 911 and not finding the wing he envisioned for his car. He decided to build one himself, hence starting Misha Designs.

Today, the aftermarket company builds some the most recognizable and innovative body-kit parts known around the world. Over the last 10 years, the tuner has expanded its product offering, producing body kits for everything from a Porsche 911 to Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Porsche Panamera.

Misha Designs gives the cars a unique look that doesn’t look too far removed from something installed at the factory or dealership, and for many, that is exactly what's needed. At local car meets, a car with a Misha Designs body kit will stop those passing by who will then nod in pleasurable acceptance.

If the company’s birth has any reverence, Misha Designs aims to design and build body kits the way its owners and enthusiasts believe they should look. The SLS AMG kit looks on point for something straight out of Mercedes, and that is a great thing.

Misha Designs Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Rear


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