Matt Frost's Drag Week 2800hp Chevy Nova Teaser

Matthew Frost's 2800hp Chevy Nova will be at Drag Week in Tulsa

Write-up by Anthony Alaniz.

They say age is just a number. And something that can be overlooked when love overpowers. There are legalities, yes, but horsepower doesn’t have to live under those restrictions.

Horsepower, on the other hand, is a very important number; one that will spark heated debates online and divide enthusiasts at car meets.

For some, like Matthew Frost and his heavily modified Chevrolet Nova, horsepower measures in at over 2,800.

That is a lot of power.

We filmed this leviathan, the mysterious, almost biblical in size machine, before it headed off to compete in the 2014 Drag Week. We saw the Nova’s first shakedown at the KBPI Car Show a few weekends ago. Once we saw it, we knew we had to shoot it.

We wanted to give you a slight tease before the full-feature article drops this Monday, because everyone likes a little tease every now and then, right? This clip is just a light kiss on the cheek. Savor it.

A Chevrolet big-block engine and twin Precision turbocharges help the car make all its power—and then some.

The two turbocharges sit right up front, dominating the grille opening. Revving, the Nova is so loud it is almost silent. It sounds like it is a thousand souls bellowing from the darkest pits of hell itself.

Come back later and see this car in its full glory.


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