Lucked Out: Commuter Cheats Death By Massive Boulder

Article by Rick Jensen. Video courtesy of BestCrashes on YouTube.

Everyone has bad days. A long commute and terrible traffic sucks, being late for a crappy job sucks, getting sick sucks. And it’s easy to throw our hands up, pout, swear and feel sorry for our whiny selves.

But our problems are quite insignificant when you watch this video out of Taiwan. Gnarly Colorado mountain roads notwithstanding, when we have a bad day in America it’s often about our soul-crushing job, or how crushed we are when the hot girl at work turns us down. But in Taiwan, a bad day apparently involves you and your ride nearly being crushed by a mudslide and a gigantic boulder.

You can tell that the white car’s driver is already having a crappy day. It’s raining like a mofo, he’s having to swerve around some chooch who’s double parked and he’s following a delivery truck seemingly driven by a self-hating drunkard. "Buddha almighty, what else can go wrong?!” we imagine him saying… right before hundreds of pounds of what looks to be liquid crap starts raining down on his ride.

How much force do you think it takes to smack a car sideways like this? Enough to kill us soft humans, for sure. And right when he’s thinking, "That’s definitely not gonna buff out,” a boulder at least three times as big and much, much heavier rumbles into the picture. And it does that comical spinning coin thing, where you’re not sure if it’ll land harmlessly on the pavement, or crush the car and its driver like the insignificant insect that he is.

And the high point? The lucky driver—who just cheated death twice, mind you—quickly flips on the hazards. Safety first!


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