Larson's S-10 Rings 6.99-Second Run at Drag Week 2014

Larry Larson's S-10 posts 6.99-Second Run at Drag Week Tulsa 2014

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Photography by Hot Rod Magazine.

Quick ETs are key at any drag racing event. With the 10th Annual HOT ROD Drag Week underway, we are seeing some damn quick times already recorded. And that’s what this week is all about: lightening fast times and monster power.

Our friends over at HOT ROD have dived deep into Larry Larson’s first full pass in his modified Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck.

According to HOT ROD’s piece, Larson has been testing and trashing the truck for the past nine months, getting it dialed in and tuned. Larson’s first full pass was a major success. He ran the quarter in just 6.99 seconds at a rocketing 164.37 mph.

The run wasn’t a breeze though. Larson attempted a pass, bringing the truck up to the staging lane. A burnout was performed, but Larson backed the truck out, taking it to the pits for some more changes.

The second attempt was foiled because of some fluid left on the track. It sent the truck toward the tree after it took off from the line, forcing Larson to forfeit that run.

Larry Larson S-10 6.99 Second Pass at Drag Week 2014 Tulsa, Oklahoma

The third attempt was Larson’s successful 6.99-second run, clipping under the hotly competitive seven-second mark.

Larson isn’t just at Drag Week with his own machine; he is also there in other forms—read: his builds and parts.

Larry Larson S-10 6.99 Second Pass at Drag Week 2014 Tulsa, Oklahoma 2

Since 1992, Larson has been professionally building race cars. He started Larson Race Cars (LRC) in 1996. He wanted to build some of the finest cars on the strip, growing a following that stretches as far as Australia.

Larry Larson S-10 6.99 Second Pass at Drag Week 2014 Tulsa, Oklahoma 3

Larson isn’t a one-trick pony though. He is not only into chassis building, but he also provides consulting and crew chief duties for drivers such as Mike Moran, Competition Eliminator and Pro Mod competitors Steve Matusek, Mitch Withers, Darin West and Mike and Michael Compton.

Also at Drag Week is Matt Frost and his twin-turbocharged 1967 Chevrolet Nova, which includes an LRC custom air-to-water intercooler. Frost instantly fell in love with Novas after he attended his first Drag Week, taking to Larson’s 1966 five-time Drag Week winner.

Larson not only builds and drives some of the meanest machines on the strip, but he has infiltrated almost every facet of drag racing. That is the mark of a true icon.

Check out the full article by HOT ROD Magazine here.


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