GoldRush Rally Trailer 2014: Speed, Supercars, and Lots of Sexy

goldRush Rally 2014 Teaser SEMA Documentary

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by FORMAT67.NET

In this great hobby, there are nearly as many types of car enthusiasts as there are types of cars. But in years past most of the races, rallies and road trips were a one-size-fits-all deal: we raced, we drove, we wrenched, we ate and when the paid booth babes/"hostesses” got the hell out of there, we ended up drunk in the pits surrounded by lots and lots of sausage. Good times, yes. Interested females or entertainment within 50 miles of us? Negatory.

But just because us older Revvolutioners love icing our busted knuckles with PBR by a campfire doesn’t mean you have to. (In fact, you shouldn’t because it devolves into a spray fight and then everyone smells like nasty beer.)

Anyhoo, some years back, folks started questioning this decrepit entertainment model—folks like the observant enthusiasts at the goldRush Rally team. So in 2008 the goldRush Rally was founded, and its combination of driving awesomely fast cars and spending the evening at amazing parties helped it explode with popularity. Now in its fifth year, GRR’s 2014 cross-country jaunt started in Vegas on May 31, and hit Park City, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC, before ending on June 7 in New York.

It’s a formula that’s as innovative as it is simple. For example, a couple of years back, I was in Vegas for SEMA. GM let me race one of its C6 Grand Sport Corvettes on Spring Mountain’s road course, and then cruise it down the Strip all week. Then I hung with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell while partying with the world’s hottest waitresses at Tryst, one of Vegas’ hottest clubs. Both of those experiences were really, really cool. But combining them—as goldRush does by combining a rally and amazing nightlife events—makes it absolutely amazing!

And when you check out this sexy trailer for the full-length 2014 goldRush Rally documentary, you can see why. GRR’s promotional video showcases amazing cars doing cool things on open roads, well-heeled beautiful people wearing gold-encrusted accessories and hot girls partying at clubs. Credit production company Format67.Net and director Daniel Michaelis for a slick, engrossing video that seamlessly melds hot cars with the essence of a cool nightlife.

While the trailer does reveal a bit of a Greek, exclusive club vibe to me, I can’t afford either the hot cars or the promised hot girls, so that’s probably my burning jealousy talking. Another minor quibble? Everyone with a Y chromosome can appreciate lots of screen time for a hot chick putting her bra on, probably after a killer night at the club with Mario the Lambo owner, who’s both richer and better looking than you. Fantastic. But as the GRR always sells out, hopefully the full documentary is more about the supercars and super friends—not just the side boobs. And because you horndogs will ask, that part’s at 45 seconds. You’re welcome.

The 2014 goldRush Rally movie premieres in Vegas on November 6, during the SEMA show.


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