Ferrari 458 Burns Tires, Money on Modball Rally

ModBall Rally Ferrari 458 Italia Burnout

Write-up by Rick Jensen. Video from ModBall Rally.

The word gratuitous means different things in different places. In Italy, flipping around on daytime TV results in lots of gratuitous nudity, which is something their old, boob-loving Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is probably proud of. And ze Germans are proud of their gratuitous, confusing words: why just say "car” when you can trot out "Motorwagen” at every opportunity?

Here in the good old U.S. of A, gratuitous has many meanings. Unnecessary is one; free is another. But where car culture is concerned, there’s one definition of gratuitous that’s flat-out wrong: without return benefit.

This vid comes by way of the Modball Rally, a lifestyle event/party that also finds time to do a little driving. Here, a Modballing Ferrari 458 Italia owner decides to pull into a parking lot and do something totally unnecessary. He revs it to the moon, cranks the wheel right, lays a couple of awesome circular patches while nearly smacking the cameraman (or drone?) and then screams off to the on-ramp to terrorize his fellow motorists. It’s beautiful.

As you may know, Ferraris are good at many things, but they’re best at draining owners’ bank accounts after "spirited” driving. So while this awesome donut-y 458 burnout sure as hell isn’t free (to our intrepid driver, anyway), to those of us who long to see a high fallutin’ Ferrari beaten like a Firebird, the return benefit is priceless.


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