Feature Preview: Lease Locator's 1,062 WHP Sleeper Evo8

English Racing Extreme Turbo Systems Austin's LeaseLocators Racing 1062 WHP Evo IX

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by English Racing.

This Evo 8 dyno clip is a quick preview of the in depth feature that will bring to you early this week. It’s also a not so subtle reminder that no matter how bad you think your ride is, there are unassuming, thousand-horsepower sleepers out there that will happily half-throttle your simple behind into the rear view.

This high-energy clip opens with a white, unassuming 8 screaming on the dyno. As the speakers fill with glorious, turbocharged, twin-cam four valve sounds, the panning camera makes you realize that this Evo could pass for any number of near-stock examples cruising the streets. And that’s the scary part.

Next comes the mandatory, gratuitous hood pop shot. It reveals a spotless, modded engine that is both inspiring, and should also instantly shame you into showing your engine bay some love. And once the rockin’ laptop tuning montage ends, the EVO8 rips off a full pull in all its glory. Yeah, that sounds amazing—see how it’s seriously straining the hold-down straps? Not exactly a hamster wheel in this thing.

But nothing prepares you for the money shot, when it puts down a number near 1,000 horsepower. More specifically, it makes 1,062 horsepower and a stump-yanking 735 pound feet of torque, which is as near to 1,000 as this Evo is to the edge of reason.

Our deep dive into this sick Evolution will go live on September 15. Ignore it at your peril.


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