"Fastkenny" Moen's Supra Full-Lock Up Ski Slope

Fastkenny Moen's Supra Slides Up Ski Slope

Article by Rick Jensen. Video from Espen Wilhelmsen.

Ever since gymkhana master Ken Block wowed us—with his crazy driving skills, yes, but also by somehow making a Ford Fiesta cool—car enthusiasts have been all over gymkhana, drifting, hillclimbing and other crazy exhibitions of speed.

Now the Web is jam packed with these vids. This one is an oldie but a goodie: Here, Kenneth "Fastkenny” Moen (super creative name props, by the way) attacks Lillehammer, Norway’s feared Kraken Lysgårdsbakken ski jumping mountain.

We’re eased into the vid with sponsor logos, Moen standing by his Supra, more sponsor logos, more sexy supra shots, logos ad nauseam and a nice close up of ‘ol Fastkenny digging for nose gold. (He’s just like us!)

Thankfully, the Supra’s tires start screaming around the 45-second mark, and the rest of the piece involves a hairy, sideways, whistling ascent up Lysgårdsbakken’s winding, narrow roads. The meats beg for mercy while a mix of in-car and exterior cameras follow the action, which goes from smoky and green driver shots, to low-angle action, to landscape shots that are beyond beautiful.

Near the 2-minute mark, Moen executes a sliding left-hander mere millimeters from a wooden guardrail, which sums up this perfect mix of bucolic scenery and batshit crazy vehicular tomfoolery. So begins the best parts of this piece, which include a gentle right then left through the esses, a serene swing set shot and lots of nuclear orange camera filters.

All in all, if you enjoy hearing a turbocharged Supra hiss, fart and bounce off the rev limiter for a couple of minutes as it runs up a mountain and balances on the edge of control and reason, you’ll like this piece. They call him Fastkenny for a reason!


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