Eargasm: 3 Maserati MC12 GT1s Rev And Race In Italy

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Recently I posted an article about how amazing the Maserati MC12 GT1 race car looked and sounded on track. That brief clip was under a minute and a half, but it did a great job of distilling the essence of the all-conquering MC12 GT1 racers. Naturally, the Revvolution team was mid-chubby for this machine even before the vid ended, so we fired up the Google to find moar. Now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s three MC12 GT1s doing battle on a racetrack.

This nearly 10-minute video was shot on September 19, during one of Maserati’s 100th anniversary events at San Martino del Lago racetrack in Italy. It starts with the three GT1s getting prepped for action. The impacts of a pneumatic wrench set the scene. As those harsh sounds bounce around the small garage, a tech fires up the big V-12 and runs the jacked-up Maserati through the gears to get the drivetrain up to temp. At around 2:20, a cool Magneti Marelli instrument panel greets us with revs, oil pressure, fuel and "TWAT 49,” which we’re really hoping is a Celsius coolant temp reading. The throttle sounds—from a steady 3,500-rpm, to a wildly uneven idle and quick, hard revs—are literally music to your ears. This thing is simply bewitching, and these cars haven’t even left the garage yet.

When they do, you’re treated to GT1s in all their high-revving glory as the Maserati’s sexy profile blows past the cameraman, spits fire on the overrun and disappears around the corner. The last couple of minutes are the best, as we see the MC12 GT1s—including the silver and black car from the VIR celebration video—running close together and combining that awesome cylindrical symphony. Many V-12s sound amazing, but the MC12 GT1s are some of the best.


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