Drag Week Day One Highlights 2014

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Write-up by Anthony Alaniz. Video by Hot Rod Magazine.

Day one of Drag Week is over and there has been plenty of excitement already. With 310 cars flying down the track the first day alone, the week is guaranteed to be action packed.

There are cars of all flavors taking part, from classic Corvettes to modified, late-model Ram pickup trucks. While competition is fierce, the first day was for drivers to get used to the track and their machines on the strip.

In the pits, air wrenches and curse words abounded as drivers dialed in and tuned their vehicles. Vendors from all over the drag racing community were there to show their support, along with the fans in the stands.

Cars the first day were flirting with the seven-second mark and the legendary 200-mph glass ceiling. Race car builder and consultant Larry Larson was able to get his drag-ready Chevrolet S-10 under the seven-second mark, recording a 6.99-second run at 164.37 mph. Tom Bailey's '69 Chevrolet Camaro has even been reported as running a 6.52 at 226 mph at the Tulsa track where Drag Week kicks off. To say we're interested to see where this goes, is a gross understatement.

Matt Frost, who has been in love with HOT ROD's Drag Week since his first visit, brought his twin-turbocharged 1967 Chevrolet Nova. Pushing around 2,800 horsepower, Frost is aiming for a six-second run. It will be exciting to see how he and the numerous other drivers do this week at the 10th Annual Drag Week.


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