Drag Week 2014: On-Track Coverage Day 1

Photography by Joel Chan (PhotosWithJoel on Facebook). Write-up by Anthony Alaniz.

This coverage is part of our overall Drag Week 2014 Coverage, Overview found here!

You’ve changed your oil before. You probably wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t, at one point in your automotive enthusiasm, been elbow deep in engine oil, feeling around for the drain plug you stupidly let slip out of your fingers.

You’re probably thinking, What the hell does this have to do with Drag Week?

In all honesty, almost nothing. Sorta it was supposed to be an intro playing into fluids spraying everywhere: vehicular fluids to be more specific—get your mind out of that gutter.

These are actions shots. This is where emotion, triumph and heartbreak are captured. Wheelies are performed. Engines are blown. Oil is splooged all over the track like a teenage boy who just discovered you could make out somewhat of a boob if you flip back and forth from the Skinemax channel. TV gold!

These shots are just a moment of time captured. But for being machines of metal and fire, crafted from the hands of mere mortal men, the evocativeness of drag racing should pull the heart strings of anybody cussing like a sailor under their NA Miata.

To those not living the modified lifestyle, these are just cars doing car things. To us, to those who read repair manuals because we love our cars—or stupidly bought a mid-1980s Jaguar—these action shots tell intricate stories. If nobody else can see that, we’ll just keep it our secret then.


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