Drag Week 2014: Larry Larson's Damn Fast Chevy S-10

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Media by Joel Chan (PhotosWithJoel) and various YouTube sources.

Is Larry Larson’s street-legal, drag-race-dominating Chevrolet S-10 the world’s fastest road car? You damn well better believe it, buddy. If you don’t, go back to crying over your keyboard in your mom’s basement while you argue the 1991 Mercury Topaz was the #GREATESTCAREVER!

At Drag Week 2014, hosted by the crazy, badass folks over at Hot Rod magazine, Larson recorded a 6.16-second quarter-mile run at 219 mph in his 1998 S-10, making his car the fastest… [Jeremy Clarkson's voice] street car in the world.

Under the hood of Larry’s S-10 is a Pro Line-built, 620 cubic-inch, big-block Chevy-based aluminum engine. It is fed by one of two fuel systems. There is one for street use supplied by two Aeromotive in-take pumps, which feed 220-pound-per-hour Precision injectors.

The race system, located on the lower row of the intake manifold, is a 550-pound-per-hour Precision injector system that pumps pure alcohol. A FuelTech FT500 EFI System is the ECU, supplied by Pro Line Racing.

The engine is fed air through a pair of 98-millimeter Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod turbochargers. The truck runs sans intercooler, with the alcohol cooling the intake charge. The engine has a 5-inch bore spacing and Brodix heads.

The truck, which still features the factor steel cab, steel doors—which are for street use only and replaced with carbon fiber pieces when at the track—and steel bedsides, still has the original windshield frame and VIN tag—certifying it 100 percent GM built. The chassis is SFI-certified.

The transmission transmitting all that power to the rear tires is a Rossler TH400-based "TH210” three-speed automatic. It was built from a Reid Racing case. It also has a Pro Torque converter. The transmission is cooled through a stacked-plate ATF-to-air cooler when on the road. On the track, well, Larry begins removing unnecessary parts and the ATF cooler is one of those parts.

The removal of the ATF cooler is just part of a larger removal of unnecessary parts for racing. When at the track, Larry removes the gasoline fuel cell, pump and fuel filter, aluminum radiator, cooling system and side-pipe exhaust. Talk about a dedication to weight savings. We wish we could drop weight as easily as Larry’s truck.

With such a fast truck, steel brakes sit at all four corners to help slow the car down—along with a chute.

This is a truck that tears up the competition because no one is as crazy as Larry is. His dedication to fast cars is certainly almost unmatched. Would we drive Larry’s S-10? Oh hell yes. Sign us up for the world’s fastest street-legal car.


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