Drag Week 2014: Heads-Up Finals

Photography by Joel Chan (PhotosWithJoel on Facebook). Write-up by Anthony Alaniz.

This coverage is part of our overall Drag Week 2014 Coverage, Overview found here!

Drag Week had always been a time-trial event, seeing who can get the fastest ET time. It was more of a race against the clock than other competitors . This year, though, HOT ROD decided to make things a little bit more exciting, a little bit more heated and a lot a bit more competitive.

Heads-up racing is against that gentleman in the next lane who thinks a blown Ford big block has more oomph than an equivalently blown big-block Chevy. Well we’ll show him.

Reaction times are vital because the first one to the end of the track is the winner. There is no numbers crunching. First one to the end with the fastest ET wins. Competitors are placed on a ladder to compete against whomever pulls up next to them.

This gives the little people a chance to show-up the big boys. This is a true competition with mixed classes and hot egos going at it. Six-, seven-, eight- and nine-second cars are all competing. While the heads-up race doesn’t affect Drag Week’s results, it is the most talked about event this year.

Anybody can make a fast car, but it takes a certain level of expertise to actually race against the car right next to you.


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