Drag Week 2014: Behind the Scenes Day 1

Photography by Joel Chan (PhotosWithJoel on Facebook). Write-up by Anthony Alaniz.

This coverage is part of our overall Drag Week 2014 Coverage, Overview found here!

Are you pregnant, or think you may become pregnant? Do you have a medical condition that your doctor doesn’t know about? Do you get a semi whenever you see under the hood of a 1967 Chevrolet Nova sporting twin turbochargers and a Chevy big-block engine?

If you fall into the last camp, you should personally thank our man in the trenches, Joel Chan.


Right now.

We’ll wait.

Did you buy him a round of some yummy adult beverage? Good. We’ll know if you didn’t.

Chan was able to get us some great behind the scenes shots of what happened in the pit during the first hectic day of Drag Week 2014.

Day-one emotions were running high. It’s one thing to make it past the first day and have something go catastrophically wrong, but to fail on a day-one outing—well you can imagine drivers wouldn’t want to do that.

Technology has moved far into the world of drag racing with racers and teams huddling over computers just as much as they were huddling over an engine. It’s odd, though an ever-increasing sight. Or they could have just been uploading a selfie… but we digress.

Like shiny paint? How ‘bout rust? What are your thoughts about no paint at all? We ask because you’ll see those cars and all types in between in our behind the scenes coverage.


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