Crazy Aussie Does World's Best Van Burnout

Australian Suzuki Van Burnout Mania 2 Cover

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by Fast Performance Videos.

Doing a burnout is one of car culture’s most democratic expressions. Whether you roll in a Benz or your mother’s Buick Regal, making white smoke and black tracks will always bring power to the people. Think about it: a busted, $500 Honda can probably out-burnout a $2 million Veyron—how’s that for a level playing field?

But just like in life, the burnout game has amateurs, and it has pros. And the nutty Australian bastard whipping around a turbo Suzuki van is definitely the latter.

Shot at Burnout Mania 2 in Sydney, this clip highlights several insane aspects of this rolling sanitarium; an interesting and no-doubt effective "touch” is the huge "Touch It Slut” windshield banner. But sticking a turbocharged rotary engine into a Suzuki van and then mounting the massive front mount intercooler on the nose clearly takes the win. Nothing says, "My priorities are to annihilate the rear tires for minutes on end while whipping this whip Scrambler-style and gesturing out the window,” like using an intercooler core as a bumper.

Seriously though, how cool is this dude?? Who looks at the plebian Suzuki van and decides to ratchet up its power and enter it in a burnout contest? This guy. And look at the control as he’s spinning around, decidedly not worrying about tipping over and being crushed. We love you burnout guy.

What do ya think, is this the world’s best boosted van burnout?


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