Best Of: Finnish Rally Crashes 2013

Best of Finnish Rally Crashes 2013

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Video by JPeltsi.

For most of us, there is a great thrill in watching cars race. There is an excitement, the feeling of competition and man and machine feverishly fighting it out to see who the winner is. No matter how often we say how exciting racing is, we cannot help but enjoy the crashes that come along with it.

Crashing and rally racing go together like, well, things that go together well. What makes rally crashes so exciting is that, unlike other motorsports where racers are wheel-to-wheel and can see where they stand against the competition, rally drivers are racing the clock and their surroundings.

This lack of position means drivers will push the limits of their cars and their ability to secure the fastest trap time, oftentimes not even stopping for minor crashes with trees and surrounding shrubbery.

This 10-minute video highlights just some of the crashes rally drivers experience when racing. It shows everything from just going off the road and leapfrogging back on, to multi-roll spectacles.

There is something oddly refreshing while watching rally racing. It is a unique race between man and an arbitrary and philosophical enemy—time. It breeds a certain competitiveness that is lost in other forms of racing.

Another draw for rally racing and the crashes that occur is how close fans are to the action. On a standard track, the action could take place far away from spectators. At a rally race, spectators are in a dangerous predicament, trying to be safe while getting the best seat possible. Nobody said it was a safe sport.

There is a danger as well in rally racing. Speeds are not terribly fast, but when they are, crashes can be deadly. On a track where there are safety barriers and medical response teams at the ready, the spread-out road course for rallies pose great risks. Instead of hitting a safer barrier, cars hit trees and other stationary objects that can tear apart a car.

We don’t want to see anyone hurt or, worse killed, but a majority of crashes are still fun to watch.


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