Bad Dreams: C7 Vette Makes MP4-12C Sweat

Write-up by Anthony Alaniz. Video by Jeff Hart.

Fan-made automotive commercials are usually better than what the advertising gurus hired by the automakers can create. Official advertising has to abide by a certain set of rules and laws and corporate expectations to get a very specific message across to possible consumers. For fans, the enthusiasts that are the heart of many automotive products and followings throughout the global automotive world, such restrictions are only that of one's imagination and wit.

This ad, directed by Jeff Hart, captures the true nature of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and its impact on potential competitors. The ad opens with a shot of a McLaren 12C and a lullaby playing in the background, as the lights turn off and the car is locked. The voiceover asks, "What do cars dream about?"

A good question. Some cars have bigger nightmares than others, and considering the slice of automotive perfection that is the new Corvette, it is probably at the forefront of many other cars' thoughts. The ad continues interlacing images of the new Vette with that of an open, dark, deserted urban road. The voiceover booms, "The car of your dreams is the car from their nightmares." The 12C goes berserk, horn honking and lights violently flashing.

While the 460-horsepower Stingray melts many great automotive components into one helluva car that will run with cars thousands of dollars more expensive than it is, it's highly unlikely it is giving some supercars many unsettled nights. Granted, whether the ad is accurate or not doesn't really matter. It is made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and is the type of video that will get shared over and over again amongst the Corvette community.

This pandering is what drives the competitive edge of automotive engineering and fandom. While corporate may scoff at such attempts of advertising, secretly, engineers and design teams share the video amongst themselves, smiling that something they created is so loved. Hart's ad is just one of the many gems that can be found online. As the proliferation of digital technology such as video recorders and editing software become cheaper, real advertisers will struggle moving online to capture an audience.

People watch what they want to watch, and if advertising can't beat out enthusiasts in the marketplace, you will soon see many more ads from the likes of Hart and others.


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