2015 Ford Focus ST Preview

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images by Ford Worldwide.

The fine scribes over at Motor Trend had the great opportunity of slipping behind the wheel of the refreshed 2015 Ford Focus ST. Color us just a bit jealous. While they weren’t lucky enough to take it for a spin, sneaking behind a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Mich., to check out the goods, their take away does make us quite excited to get behind the wheel of our own.

When the ST went on sale in 2012, as a 2013 model, the enthusiast community went nuts. There had been a growing demand stateside for the turbocharged 2.0-liter, 252-horsepower hot-hatch to make its away across the pond for some time, and its introduction did not disappoint. Rumor has it that we can even expect the RS-variant in the near future.

The engineers at Ford designed a well-balanced, good-handling and powerful hatchback to satisfy the needs of most enthusiasts—but not all. There is always a burning desire for more horsepower and more torque.

The tuning scene started straightaway on offering bigger turbochargers and intercoolers to increase horsepower, while offering upgraded suspension bits to handle all that power.

For 2015, Ford has left many of the mechanical bits beneath the sheet metal alone. There is no word on any power increases or other important numbers, so we aren’t expecting anything shocking—this is just a refresh. This will allow tuners to continue working on offering great aftermarket products for the car.

Today, there isn’t much you can’t change about what the Focus ST brings to the table. New exhaust, wheels, suspension and seats are all on the order list if one wants them. With a reasonable starting price around $24,000, the hatchback is at a price point where one can buy the car and add more power and style without breaking the bank—or any personal relationship with a significant other.

A lot of the changes for 2015 are strictly cosmetic. The front receives a more corporate design, which leaves us saying meh—there are other, better looking front fascias on the market. The back receives a supple nip and a tuck, accentuated by slightly smaller taillights. Thankfully, the sick looking center-exit tailpipes remain.

These things are truly trivial. While it does look better, it is not as if we can’t change that.

Inside, Ford improves on things that were lacking before. Door locks move from the center console to the actual doors, though they are still electric and having no lock pins throws us. Focus STs with MyFord touch will receive rudimentary auxiliary dials below the main screen for an improved driver experience.

While this is not an entirely new piece of machinery to canyon carve to our heart’s content, it builds on an already great offering from the automaker. Leaving most of the mechanical bits alone will allow tuners and aftermarket manufactures to continue on their clearly defined path of offering a great assortment of performance enhancements and styling upgrades that have flourished since the car came onto the scene.

Kudos to you Ford for keeping a good thing coming.


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Adminer MJ9/22/2014

Ford Focus ST elaborated better this upcoming new car with extra technologies as compare to the other ST model car. It will be like no other cars, even its body structure is almost same as previous car however will be so different in every phase because is improved by the designers very well manner.