This is what F1 Burnouts Look Like in Infrared

Red Bull Racing F1 RB8 Burnout in Infrared

Film by Red Bull Racing. Write-up by Matheo Perez.

The Red Bull RB8 is one of the most inimitable machines to ever grace the tarmac. Powered by a Renault 2,400 cc (146.5 cu in) 90° V8 and utilizing a KERS system, this naturally aspirated, mid-mounted, 18,000 rpm mechanical chef d'oeuvre shreds the tarmac with a blistering 750 bhp before the extra 60 kW from the KERS system is activated. While this overabundance of power is optimized for throwing this chassis around a road course, the inner kid in all of us can't help but think, "I bet this thing does some sweet burnouts!!!!"

Using a FLIR x6580sc infrared camera, they were able to capture these stunning visuals, which ended up looking like a mash-up of the movies Predator and Rush. As per the usual, the "victory" doughnut chaos ensued post-race, but this time was captured using a combination of the FLIR x6580sc, FLIR T650sc and the FLIR B660. Until seen under thermal imaging, it is hard to perceive the sheer levels of heat that are generated when unleashing 750+ hp through tires that are bellowing for traction. The moment the edge is reached, you can visually see the calescent anarchy as the tires relinquish all traction and subdue to the demented twisting forces produced by the Renault power plant. The FLIR imaging gives you a first row seat to witness the chaotic beauty in the breakdown.


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