The UGR Itch: Reza's 1800whp Lamborghini LP540-4

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Photography by Joel Chan (Photos With Joel).

We all get itches from time to time. Some are just a burning desire for something more in life. Others should be checked out by a trained medical professional. But we digress.

While many Lamborghinis come packed with horsepower and racing prowess, there are often times when no amount of satisfaction can be attained by a car enthusiast from just a stock car. It is a carryover from the weekend wrenchers and race car drivers from a time when engines and transmissions could be easily swapped, percolating some of the best sleeper machines to date.

That’s not to say Lamborghinis are sleepers by any stretch of the imagination. No. A Lamborghini, with its stealthy styling and Italian performance, is not above being modified. It could very well be argued to the contrary.

Reza, and his Balloon White over red 2009 Lamborghini LP560-4 Gallardo, is no different. He took a jaunt down to Underground Racing (UGR) for some substantial modifications.

There, it received a Stage 2 Race Version Twin Turbo System.

Some itches are more expensive than others.

This mean machine now produces more than 1,800 horsepower at the wheel, because … why not.

This Lambo has custom billet twin turbochargers, with Tial billet wastegates and blow off valves. The exhaust isn’t just some ordinary system ready to bolt on; it’s a custom fabrication made out of stainless steel using aircraft quality metal—because this bull will fly. To save a few pounds in the heft department, UGR used ultra lightweight stainless steel mufflers.

Reza’s UGR Lambo wasn’t just warmed over to massage a few more ponies out of the engine--it was gutted and put back together with precision.

Other additions include 2R Race Version cylinder heads with ARP L19 head studs, a carbon clutch, high-flow fuel pumps with custom aluminum fuel rails, MoTeC Engine Management System, a custom billet aluminum intake manifold, and a billet rear differential and rear half shafts.

Horsepower. More and more horsepower. That’s what Reza got by going to UGR. Now, looking from the outside in, the Lamborghini looks nothing more than stock, even though the Lamborghini is riding on ADV.1 ADV05TS wheels, which are brushed with a clear finish. These have a Hi Luster Polish and Gunmetal lip finish. Up fronts are 19x8.5, while rears measure 18x11.

But that’s what makes the Lamborghini such a great car to modify. It already has sick styling that exudes speed and performance that adding more power is simply a no question.

Just like the enthusiasts before us, we will always continue to tinker and modify whatever is in our garage—it’s just, Lamborghini provides one helluva platform to build off from.


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