Southern Worthersee 2014 by Motiv Collect

Southern Worthersee 2014 by Motiv Collect Jared Houston Cover Image

Film by Jared Houston / Motiv Collect. Recap by Collin Adair.

Helen is a small, Bavarian-themed town tucked away in the mountains of northeast Georgia, with dense greenery, rivers, and extraordinary driving roads surrounding the town. For the majority of the year, the town is a quiet retreat for tourists to relax and get away from the worries of everyday life. But for one weekend in May, this town is host to an ever-growing enthusiast event known as Southern Worthersee. An event that brings people from all over the country and sometimes the world to show off their cars in an authentic European atmosphere.

Southern Worthersee is a tribute to The Wörthersee Tour in Reifnitz, Austria, which is the largest VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) show in the world. Southern Worthersee, however, draws many European marquees to the show and even JDM cars can be found scattered throughout. No matter what scene your car is from, the common denominator here is that these cars are all innovators in their space. Trends on the popular car forums will show up here first, and popular car builds seen on the web will be revealed. Put all of these amazing cars and their creators into one small mountain town in Georgia for a weekend and this event instantly becomes an entry on every car enthusiasts' bucket list; it's truly a unique event.

Jared Houston, known throughout the industry as a creator of fine-art cinematic films, has done an amazing job capturing the atmosphere of SoWo. His use of simple titles and transitions, immaculate music selection and sound engineering, along with pristine camera work, make this a work of art that embodies the elements of the event. Keep up the great work, Jared.


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