Nissan 370Z to go Turbocharged Hybrid?

Next-Gen Nissan 370Z Turbocharged Hybrid and Targa Top Cover

Article by Anthony Alaniz. 

The Internet is ripe with wild rumors of celebrity deaths and hookups, new, unbelievable, life changing products and the greatest of automotive speculation.

With Nissan’s Z-series sports car holding an almost mythical reverence by those in the automotive world, even the tiniest of Z rumors will stir the speculation pot. Sports cars haven’t ever really been the same since the Datsun 240Z ferried its way to driveways around the world in 1969.

Rumors percolating from Australia’s say the next-generation Nissan Z will offer smaller, more powerful engines with a global focus.

Color us interested.

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The new Z could be the first fruitions of the Nissan-Renault/Daimler partnership that formed in 2010. It was rumored at the time that Daimler—and Mercedes-Benz—would be supplying Nissan-Renault with four- and six-cylinder engines. Could the turbo four from the CLA AMG make its way into the new Z? Only time will really tell.

Expect the Z to retain its sporty styling and great handling prowess as it enters its seventh generation.

With Nissan’s rumored move to take the car global, sources close to development at Nissan say the car is being designed with a retractable hardtop, meaning the next-gen Z will receive a targa top or T-bar roof, according to

If Nissan plans on competing with the likes of the Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4 and Audi TT, the retractable hardtop and targa top are a must in the segment.

The Z, which has performance chops that allows it to run with the best of sports cars, has been marred by an ever increasing price as competitors’ prices remained steady.

Allegedly, there will be a new range of engines available. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine currently found in the Skyline will be offered, but it will be part of a larger hybrid system for better performance and fuel economy.

A turbocharged 3.0-liter engine will be the premium engine offering, pumping out a speculated 329 horsepower. The engine is said to be from Mercedes-Benz.

According to’s source, both engines will be paired with a hybrid system. This is likely the future of sports cars as enthusiasts crave performance while stricter fuel economy standards are enacted globally.

All we can say is that we are excited about the rumors swirling around the next-gen Z. We can only hope they are at least partially true.

Nissan 370Z Turbocharged Targa Top


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