Late Model Racecraft Sets Record Fastest C7 Corvette 1/4 Mile 9.950 Sec

Late Model Racecraft TT800 C7 Fastest 1/4 Time

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Videos by Gearhead Flicks. Images from LMR Facebook.

Henry Ford once said, "Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built.”

This embodies the enthusiasts’ mentality. As soon as the latest-generation Corvette Stingray dropped cover a few years ago now, modifiers have been going hard at pulling all the power out of the car’s 6.2-liter small-block V-8 engine.

One such company, Late Model Racecraft (LMR), decided to take the new Stingray to a completely new level of performance.

LMR created a twin-turbocharged package for the sports car. While the unmodified ‘Vette produces a quite substantial 460 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, it just wasn’t enough for the company.

Zero to 60 mph in just under 4 seconds? Pssshh—too damn slow for the folks at LMR.

Their twin-turbo package packs on the power like your uncle packs on the pounds at Thanksgiving.

Late Model Racecraft C7 Corvette TT800 kit 9-second 1/4 Pass Twin Turbo Kit Image

Late Model Racecraft C7 Corvette TT800 kit 9-second 1/4 Pass Twin Turbo Open Turbo Image

Late Model Racecraft C7 Corvette TT800 kit 9-second 1/4 Pass Front Mount Intercooler

What was created was the LMR800 Twin-Turbo C7 Package—you know, because America and apple pie and whatnot.

With all that power came a world record as well, grabbing the title of the fastest Corvette in a quarter-mile drag.

The car’s latest run came in at 9.950 seconds at 144.46 mph. A large improvement over the 10.29 at 139 mph previously recorded a few weeks before the record-breaking run.

First Record Setting Run by LMR

Second Record Setting Run by LMR 144.46 mph @ 9.950 seconds

To put even more power to the ground, LMR removed the stock torque converter, which was on when they ran the 10.29 for a Circle D torque converter. This little fix gave the sports car what it needed to power under the legendary 10-second benchmark.

The Corvette, and General Motor’s history of solid small block engines, is the perfect platform for enthusiasts and those looking to add more power to their lives.

That is what makes GM’s halo car so enthralling. Out of the box, it produces copious amounts of power, but with a some modifications and a tune it can become a whole different beast of a creature.

This record-breaking time is more of a shot across the bow of other Corvette tuners, like Hennessey Performance, who have their own crop of high-powered Corvettes.

A dyno of the LMR800 revealed the C7 putting down 831 rear-wheel horsepower and 744 lb-ft of torque. Talk about monstrous numbers.

If LMR could take the Stingray to over 800 horsepower, what could it do with the 650-horsepower Z06? We can only hope gloriously wonderful things.

Update: According to a Facebook post on August 26th, Late Model Racecraft has now pushed the C7 platform to over 1,250 rwhp on a 416 cubic-inch bottom end. The videos shown here are of the C7 which was still running the stock bottom end (SBE). Be sure to follow their Facebook page for all the details!


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