Hennessey Venom GT Throwing Flames

Article by Kenta Young. Video from Hennessey Performance Engineering.

Be advised: eyebrows may combust if viewing too close.

With one quick look at the Hennessey Venom GT on a dyno, the age old saying "everything is bigger in Texas” couldn’t ring more true. Not just ‘cause the 270.49 mph, world record holding, Venom GT puts down a subtle 1244 brake horsepower and 1155 ft-lb of torque but also because of that massive flame it throws. The savage power coming from the modified 7.0 liter, twin Precision ball bearing turbo, LSX mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox is music to any automotive enthusiast’s ears.

While in Sealy, Texas for TX2K’s Dyno Day at Hennessey Performance headquarters, #TeamRevv had the opportunity to have 30 minutes alone with the striking (pun intended?) Venom GT. Check out our full feature here.

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