Getting Sideways - Drift Colorado Point Series Round Three

Article and photography by Kenta Young.

There isn’t much better than an early Sunday morning filled with the sound and feeling of roaring V8’s banging the rev limiter, the sweet smell of burning rubber, and a clear Colorado sunrise. On August 7th, 2014 Drift Colorado held the third and final round of their Points Series. 

The events that Drift Colorado throw are the main go to for grassroots drifting in the Rocky Mountain region. With several events a year, they attract drivers of all talents and spectators from states away. These events feature both a grassroots "singles” division, that most of the time are cars that were driven to the event with tires stuffed in the back, and the tandem division with cars that are the fully caged, V8 swapped, purpose built drift cars. 

The format of the Point Series is similar to that of Formula Drift where the drivers, both singles and tandem, qualify and compete in rounds against each other in their respective classes to gain points for the overall standings. The winner is crowned based on the total points after the Points Series concludes. The stage for Round 3 was set in Dacono, Colorado at IMI motorsports complex on a track meant for shifter karts. But while this track is usually dominated by karts it offers a good layout for these drivers to push the limit of physics. Though it’s relatively small, it allows for high speed initiations, front and rear clipping points, quick transitions, and has a long sweeper for some billowing smoke.

There is something about the late nights before the event mending broken cars (that were probably broken from the last event), early mornings, putting everything you have into these cars, and the smell of burning rubber that fuels the addiction of both the drivers and the spectators. This is the kind passion that us here at Revvolution live for.


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