Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R R35 Runs In The 7s, Sets Record

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images from Extreme Turbo Systems Facebook.

On Saturday, Aug. 16, the combined effort of English Racing and Extreme Turbo Systems took their GT-R R35, using the Extreme Turbo Systems’ GT-R turbo kit, to a new level of performance at the Buschur Shootout at Summit Motorsports Park.

The first of several seven-second runs came for driver Lucas English of English Racing. With 1,800 horsepower available, pulsating through all four tires, the ETS GT-R R35 rocketed down the strip, leaving a trail of rubber in its wake.

The ETS GT-R R35 clocked its first run of 7.806 seconds at 182.45 mph—the quickest of the day. Not only was it a GT-R world record, which was previously held by ETS anyways, but also a personal best for English. The ETS GT-R R35 ran the 60 feet and 1,000 feet in just 1.280 and 6.572 seconds, respectively. It completed the eighth-mile in 5.126 seconds at 146.64 mph. The other three runs clocked in at 7.828 seconds at 186.74 mph, 7.840 seconds at 183.94 seconds and 7.858 at 184.93 seconds.

The heats didn’t all go without a hitch though. On the last race, English and team had some boost off the line staging issues, but was still able to run 186 mph with a poor launch. The latest runs from English Racing only ups the all-wheel-drive ante as builders and racing teams look to extract every bit of possible horsepower available in order to lay down the fastest times, whether on the drag strip, at the track or airstrip.

There is no denying that the power of all-wheel drive and the Extreme Turbo Systems turbo kit is a deadly combination for the competition. Their primary competition at this point, AMS Performance, is constantly vying for the R35 GT-R 1/4 mile record.

Jeff Bush, also from English Racing, ran his 1G Eagle Talon. It ran strong, but an issue with a belt near the end led to a disqualification.

English Racing’s EVO X still needed a little more seat time before the full potential could be unleashed. Buschur Racing at Summit Motorsports Park hosts the Buschur Shootout, which is for any Mitsubishi powered vehicle. The weekend was more than just the Shootout though; a car show and autocross event were also on tap for the weekend of events. Nine drag racing classes were available, and even cars that weren’t legal to run, could still time trial.


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