Emerging from the Darkness: Blue Chrome Aventador on PUR Wheels

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Photography by Marcel Lech.

In light of Car and Driver’s recent revelation that the new Lamborghini Huracán out performs its bigger and more expensive brother, it has not deterred anyone from tinkering under the hood of an Aventador and adding some hefty exterior modifications.

Take this blue chrome monster for example.

When it was unveiled, the Aventador was the beacon of future Lamborghini design; however, it did not take long for others to come in and add their own level of flair.

This specimen sports a limited-edition PUR appearance kit, which includes a unique front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser and sick lookin’ spoiler. The black bits contrast well with the bright blue chrome paint scheme.

Underneath, the Lamborghini rides on PUR wheels, which use a similar design to those found on the Reventón from a few years ago.

What makes this Aventador so wicked is that the PUR kit and wheels don’t look out of place on the car at all. It fits Lamborghini’s hard-lined stealthy design ethos, which makes the car look so good—almost like it came straight from the factory that way, which is the ultimate goal of any aftermarket kit really.

In its relatively short life, this Lamborghini has been in and out of the shop—but for good reason. It has had a host of modifications added. Horsepower is up into the neighborhood of 766, which is up from the measly 700 that came stock…pssshh.

At night, the cool paint scheme allows the Lambo to almost shine in the encroaching darkness. It is just a testament to what paint and wheels can do to the look of a car.

Lamborghini’s are rare beasts alone, but adding a level of personalization and customization is sure to turn heads at even the busiest of car shows.

Each car can take on a personality of its own, which is just a reflection of the owner really. Even though it is more expensive than its sibling is, there is a presence the Aventador brings to the table that the Huracán cannot. It is the top level Lamborghini for a reason, with the V-12 under the hood and 700 horsepower.


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