Drifting Detroit: Midwest Drift Union Round 4 The Streets of Detroit 2014

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Article by Anthony Alaniz. Video by Subject Media. Photography by Nathan Leach-Proffer (Speed-Photos).

Detroit. It’s a city that has been down on the ropes for some time now. Iconic buildings lay dormant; vacant reminders of a city that once was.

If you’re around the Detroit area in mid-August, there are a slew of automotive events in the area for almost every interest. The Woodward Dream Cruise captivates the eyes and interests of a million people in a few square miles.

Some 70 miles away in Brooklyn, Mich., NASCAR’s greatest drivers battle it out for the Sprint Cup at the series’ fastest track.

The sport of drifting isn’t something that usually comes to mind when thinking about the Motor City. But if you wandered away from the Cruise and NASCAR race to one of Detroit’s most iconic landmarks—Michigan Central Station—a few weeks ago, you’d have been in for quite the automotive treat.

Midwest Drift Union held its round four event—aptly titled Streets of Detroit—during the Dream Cruise. The broken, abandoned central train station made for the perfect backdrop for the race on empty Detroit streets.

The Warren & Wetmore and Reed and Stem firms, the same firms that also designed New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, designed Detroit’s train station, which was finished in 1913.

The deserted Detroit streets and train station were a stark contrast to the billows of tire smoke and the crackle of high-performance engines that echoed into the surrounding Roosevelt Park.

Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit 2014 is not the sport that comes to mind when you think of Detroit

The video opens with dire news reports of Detroit filing for bankruptcy, its $18 billion of debt, houses burning down and schools closing. It sounds far from good.

"Very rarely will you ever see another city that’s in as much trouble as Detroit is,” opines one news report.

Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit 2014 Full Lock

The video continues with gritty urban shots of the city, the drivers and fans and a wicked assortment of cars on hand for the competition.

A 3-Series, Mustang, 350Z and an RX-8 pull up to the starting line …

Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit 2014 Driver's Meeting

It almost sounds like a joke, but those are just a few of the cars that showed up to race.

The video ends with a sweeping aerial shot of the Detroit skyline as the sun sets.

Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit 2014 Leaving the Scene of a Crime


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