813hp 6-Rotor RX-4 Track Day by Pulse Performance Race Engineering

PPRE 6 Rotor RX4 Track Test 6-Rotor

Video by 4 & Rotary TV. Write-up by Kenta Young.

The automotive enthusiasts in New Zealand and Australia, or colloquially known as "down undah,” are constantly taking the Modified Lifestyle bar and raising it a couple of notches. Take a quick glance at this video and you’ll see why.

Normally you’d think a 2-, 3- or even a 4-rotor is fancy, right? Not the Kiwi’s at Pulse Performance Race Engineering. Try wrapping your mind around a 6-rotor Wankel engine that makes 813 hp @ 9000 RPM to the wheels, on pump gas, with no forced induction. The guys at PPRE did just that when they created the world’s first 6-rotor engine, and boy is it a thing of art. But that leaves you wondering, what do you do with a masterpiece like this? Put it in a museum? Drop it into a drag prepped, but street legal Mazda RX-4? For most of us the choice is an obvious one: we’d pick the latter.

Here we have that RX-4 fitted with the one-off 6-rotor doing some tests on the Mansfield Motorsports Park racetrack in New Zealand, and I must say, that engine sounds absolutely insane. That rough idle, high rev limit and high-pitched tone revive the memories of the quad-rotor Mazda 767B Le Mans cars.

Creating something like this is quite commendable. Since an engine like this never existed before, most of the work had to be custom. Taking the road less traveled and bringing a vision into existence is something we love here at Revvolution.

Now, hear for yourself the glory that is 813 hp coming from 6 rotors.


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