Oklahoma City Street Car Takeover OKC 2014

Gallery by Joel Chan. Brief by Anthony Alaniz. 

Thunder Valley Raceway recently rocked and rumbled with the Oklahoma City Street Car Takeover presented by Nitrous Outlet—the acclaimed premiere motorsports tour of the year. The event, held June 13-15, drew thousands of automotive enthusiasts from the greater Oklahoma region to the raceway’s home—Oklahoma City. 

Attendees were able to experience quarter- and eighth-mile drag races, a car show and an exhilarating dyno exhibition. When night fell, car meets filled the streets, with cars of all years, makes and models joining. Exotics, imports and domestics mingled on the street and took it to the track to fight it out.

Big thanks to the organizers Chase (3DX EVO) and Justin (STANGKILR) and our friends at for taking care of #TeamRevv while we were out there!  


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