Jeff Zwart's Ballad Up Pikes Peak Intl Hill Climb 2014

Jeff Zwart Radical Media Porsche Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Cover Photo

Film by Will Roegge. Recap by Brian Hannon.

With the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb still fresh in our minds, some sick media from the event is starting to hit the web to make sure we don't soon forget it. Case in point is this short by Radical Media showcasing Jeff Zwart behind the wheel of the 700 hp, BBI Autosport-prepped Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Turbo Hill Climb Special. It was shot in stunning 4K, and if you have the means to view it with the appropriate equipment, we highly recommend it.

We absolutely love the technical notes laid into the production, the transitions, the carefully placed slow-motion captures and the camera locations they chose. Not an easy task when you are covering a 12-mile course. And the soundtrack. The howl of the flat-six with the turbos spooling and blow-off valves bleeding off excess air on throttle lifts can almost stand on its own.

Of course, we have to mention both subjects in the video. Jeff Zwart is obviously no stranger to the Hill Climb (or amazing video productions) having taken seven class wins in his time on Pikes Peak, naturally in a Porsche each time. His trusted steed this year was built by renowned Porsche tuner BBI Autosport. Starting off with an already capable 911 GT3 Cup car, they added a set of quick-spooling TiAL turbos running at 18psi to the 3.8-liter flat-six along with CNC ported heads and upgraded cams to help fight off the effects of the altitude on the formerly naturally aspirated engine. The driver and car combination was good enough for a 10:01.91 this year, and we expect to see them crack the nine-minute barrier in 2015.


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