goldRush Rally Invades Denver and High Plains Raceway 2014

Article by Kenta Young. Photography by Kenta Young and Nathan Leach-Proffer. Words by Collin Adair.

#TeamRevv had the chance to catch up with a group of adrenaline seeking individuals and their cars on the sixth installment of the goldRush Rally that made its way through Denver on Monday June 2nd at the Four Seasons hotel. For those of you that are not familiar with goldRush Rally, it is an annual event that has a charted route through the U.S. with checkpoints in various cities, attracting some very cool cars and unique individuals. This year the cars started in Las Vegas and will end up in New York with five stops along the way. You can find out more information at the official goldRush Rally website and take a look at this year’s fleet below!

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