Andy Kuo's Time Attack Inspired Daily Driven Subaru WRX

Photography and article by Corey Davis.

A while back, Team Revvolution set out on our very first ModLife Tour in California. You can read more about that here. Along the way, we met up with some amazing people. A number of them were fellow car enthusiasts whose cars we featured. It was a great opportunity to see what LA’s car scene was all about.

SoCal native, Andy Kuo’s 2007 WRX was the first vehicle feature we shot as part of the tour. It couldn’t be a more fitting ride as it exemplifies everything that Revvolution stands for. It has the looks, the style and the performance we love.

Andy has owned the car and slowly been modifying it over a span of seven years. His attention to detail, and making sure to do it right the first time, shows how meticulous he was when considering the parts and direction he wanted to take the car. During high school, Andy was engrossed in the WRC- in particular, the Subaru World Rally Team. At this time Subaru was the team to beat as they took home three Manufacturers’ Championship awards in 1995, 1996 and 1997, as well as two Driver’s Championships in 2001 and 2003.

As a googly-eyed high school kid, Andy was addicted to the ear shattering sound of anti-lag, the awe inspiring AWD launches, the World Rally Blue and Gold livery, mammoth spoilers and that oh-so-iconic hood scoop. It was at that time he knew he had to have a Subaru of his own. Big things come from modest beginnings, and Andy started off in the car scene with his "detested” 2005 Toyota Corolla. In his own words, this car "allowed me to get all of the ‘ricer-antics’ out of my system before I potentially killed myself in this exceptionally more capable platform.” We all have to start somewhere! In some ways, this car allowed Andy to learn that it’s important to have a set goal for modifying a vehicle, as jumping in without looking first is a great way to set yourself up for disappointment down the road. As soon as he could, Andy snagged a brand new 2007 WRX as a blank canvas. So began the modifying.

Building the car himself, he certainly did all the right things by creating a raw, time-attack and track-oriented daily driver which corners like hell, pulls hard, breaks necks and sounds utterly badass with the GrimmSpeed 44mm External Wastegate screaming under boost below the car. Andy’s mentality is that function equals form, and his goal was to build a car that exemplified that. Every part on the car serves to address a specific functional or practical purpose to fulfill his ideology.

The Rally and JDM influence is clearly evident throughout Andy’s ride with the myriad rare Prodrive pieces bolted on. Just sitting in the driver’s side Recaro Speed bucket seat, you’re immediately confronted with a rare JDM version 8 Prodrive STi gauge cluster.

Grab the shift knob and you’ll notice an equally rare JDM STi 5-Speed shift knob. Wrapping around the interior is a full Cusco 6-point roll cage and a Takata Racing harness secures the driver during heavy cornering. All around the car are subtle nuances that only a true Suby enthusiast would notice, such as the STi shifter trim, STi floormats, STi door decals and Type RA-R Pignose trim on the nose of the car.

Walking around the car, you’ll notice it sits on a set of gold 18x8.5 +48 Advan RS wheels. The car’s stance is so low on the BC Racing BR coilovers, we thought Andy was going to lose his front bumper trying to move it around to different locations. I was full pucker, but Andy handled it like a champ as his Chargespeed front lip scooted and creaked along the ground.

I was a bit more concerned about his Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser getting snagged on a rock, but thankfully there were no issues. Flanking the car on either side are Chargespeed Bottomline side skirt extensions and the awesomely aero Chargespeed carbon fiber mirrors. At the back of the car is a SYMS spoiler adding downforce and a subtle Ureshi Industries window spoiler.

Under the hood Andy has kept things simple, yet efficient. His Stage 2 EJ255 is YimiSport Protuned putting down 302 whp and 324 tq at a conservative 17 PSI. A ported and polished VF39 is fed cool air from a ported and polished STi Top Mount Intercooler and scoop splitter. The Walbro 255cc fuel pump makes sure the car doesn't get too thirsty. The exhaust is made up of a PDE Catless Bellmouth downpipe, and a Grimspeed 44mm External Wastegate Uppipe with dump tube. These are mated to a STi Genome Axelback to accentuate that Boxer rumble.

Invisible, but equally important, are all the suspension and chassis upgrades helping to stiffen up the car. A beefy Cusco 25mm rear sway bar reduces understeer and sharpens turn-in response. Cusco bushings eliminate all the factory slop of the softer rubber bushings. The Cusco front power brace and rear subframe brace stiffen things up even more to make the car handle like it’s on rails. In order to fit the 235/40/80 Nitto NT05 rubber, front and rear fenders were trimmed and rolled, along with the addition of Cusco rear camber plates and Eibach rear camber bolts. The ICHIBA 25mm front and 3mm rear spacers push the wheels out to fill out the fenders even more, giving the WRX an aggressive stance.

Freshly admitted to law school, Andy has found therapy amongst all the rigors that his field entails by modifying and wrenching on his WRX. His ultimate goal is to reach a point where he can step back and be genuinely content with how the car sits in all respects. According to Andy, he’s nearing that point, and in the time he’s owned the vehicle he’s modified it in ways he could never have foreseen and is already far beyond satisfied with how it sits; not an easy thing to do. Future plans include installing a banging audio system for mental therapy during his commute, and to block out the drone of his STi Genome exhaust. Andy also plans to add another Recaro bucket seat for the passenger and a Beatrush rear bulkhead division plate.

In Andy’s own words, "The car, as it currently sits, has been built strictly for my own personal gratification; not for any exposure, hype, fads or conformity that all too often undermines the community.” Is there any better reason to build a car? I think not. In the end, our cars are a way to express our individuality and exhibit our passion. This sets us apart from the rest of the crowd, but also bonds us together. This is the ModLife.

Andy would like to thank the TS | Team Symphony family for all their support. Good luck in law school!



EJ255 - YimiSport Protuned – 302whp/324tq @ 17 PSI
Ported and Polished VF39
Ported and Polished STI TMIC
STI TMIC Scoop Splitter
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Prodrive Cold Air Intake
USDM STI Genome Axleback
PDE Catless Bellmouth downpipe
Cobb Accessport V2
GrimmSpeed EBCS
GrimmSpeed 44mm External Wastegate Uppipe w/ dumptube
Tial 44mm V-band Wastegate
Agency Power Pitch Stop
Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Oil


18x8.5 +48 5x100 Advan RS Powdercoated Gold
25mm Ichiba Front Spacers
3mm Rear Spacers
Advan Low-type Centercaps
Project Kics R40 Neo-Chrome Lug Nuts
235/40/18 Nitto NT05
BC Racing BR Coilovers
Cusco Rear Camber Plates
Cusco Front Power Brace
Cusco 25mm Rear Swaybar
Cusco Rear Bushings
Cusco Rear Subframe Brace
Cusco Rear Diffuser Bracket
Helix Rear Swaybar Endlinks
Eibach Rear Camber Bolts
Project Mu NS Front Pads
Project Mu B-Spec Rear Pads
Stoptech Stainless Steel Lines
Motul RBF 600 Fluid


Voltex Rear Diffuser
Chargespeed Bottomline Sideskirt Extensions
Chargespeed Front Lip
Chargespeed C/F Mirrors
Debadged 2007 STI Trunk
2007 STI Lower Wing Portion
SYMS Upper Wing Portion
2005 Rear Taillights
Ureshi Roof spoiler
Lamin-X Yellow Foglight Overlays
Type RA-R Pignose Trim
Xenon HID’s
LED Plate Lights
STI Door Decals


Recaro Speed Driver’s Bucket
Version 8 Prodrive STI Cluster
Cusco 6 Point Roll Cage
Pioneer AVIC-F900BT Head Unit
DEFI Gauge Pod
Prosport Boost Gauge
Gutted rear interior
JDM STI 5-Speed Shift Knob
STI shifter Trim
STI Floormats
Full White LED Interior Dome/ Map Lights


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Luke Green6/6/2014

This is a beautiful WRX, i have never seen one that looks that great inside and out. Very slick, nice job.

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Davis does it again! Great work man, seriously. I think you just set a new standard for feature photos

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Thanks man, there were definitely a lot in this feature. Had to cover all the bases!