Article by Corey Davis. Photography by Corey Davis, Kenta Young, Nathan Leach-Proffer, and Jim Harris.

At Revvolution, we’ve been to our fair share of events, and we figured it was time to create one of our own to bring the culture and lifestyle that we’ve grown so fond of to our own backyard. Since the Colorado car scene is diverse, we wanted an event that could cater to all makes, models and genres. 

Last Sunday the Second Annual REALE⎯Revvolution-EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event⎯kicked off at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Presented by / Revvolution Of The Rockies and Elite Auto Salon, REALE was created to highlight Colorado’s car culture by bringing together automotive businesses and organizations from around the state and surrounding areas. 

The gates opened to the public at 8 a.m., and shortly after, the Open Road Course went hot at 8:15 a.m. The time attack-style road course was held on the inner loop of the main PPIR track. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the event, here’s a breakdown: The drivers pull up to the "start box” and hold until they are given a green flag. As soon as the flag drops, they start their run. Once they pass the timing loop, the lap begins on a hot lap. The drivers continue around the track until they pass the timing loop for a second time and the timer stops. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, in order to make it more challenging, the "brake box” was implemented. After crossing the finish line, the drivers must come to a complete stop inside the brake box, which is sectioned off. If a driver stops in the first section of cones, his time is as shown on the timing board. If he goes over the first set of cones, he will have a one-second penalty added to his time. If he goes through the second set of cones, he will have a two-second penalty added.

We kept a running board showing the top 32 times for the day, and at the end of the event, the top 16 contestants were called out to the track for photos. The course was then reversed and each driver was given a practice lap and one hot lap to set their official time. In first and second place was Bob Boileau in his swapped Datsuns. Jeff Hamilton came in third in his WRX. Then, out of nowhere, Zico Antonio, who ran his first ever road course, came in fourth. However, being the gentleman he is, Bob relinquished his second place position and Zico was bumped up onto the podium taking third place. Needless to say, Zico is hooked, and our event made a new performance driver. This is exactly why we do this event!

The second event of the day was the Team Versus Challenge. Also being held on the inner loop of the track, the event consisted of eight teams. PPIHC, Machine Gun Tours, SLVA Ladies, EFFective, SCR Performance, Johnny Martin’s Car Central, Edge Autosport, and Heuberger Subaru. Each team runs identical Bondurant cars and the same course. The only difference is each team’s driving ability. 

Each team of four members stands in the staging area, and their respective Bondurant car sits in the brake box. Once the flag drops, the first driver sprints to his or her vehicle, puts on the seat belt and drives out of the brake box, down around the lower cone and through the "thru-box.” After passing the thru-box, the driver must slalom through the cones, lapping around the last, and then slalom back through the cones. The driver must then come to a complete stop inside the brake box, jump out of the car and tag the next team driver. Upon tagging, they must then repeat the process until all four team members complete the course. The first (final) team driver to come to a complete stop within the brake box is the victor of the round. The top six teams battle head-to-head against each other, starting with the slowest team and working to the fastest, with only the winners advancing to the next round. This year it came down to SCR Performance and Edge Autosport battling for the Team Versus Trophies, with Edge Autosport taking first.

The third and final performance event was the one-eighth-mile drag race on the back straight of the track along pit row. At the end of the session, the top eight entrants were selected on overall performance. Once each competitor established a qualifying time, they were placed into a bracket. The final race came down to Matheo Perez’s satin white GT-R and Josh Montrose’s blue GT-R. The race was ridiculously close; Matheo had a hard launch and pulled on Josh, but by the end of the one-eight-mile, Josh edged past Matheo by the nose of his car.

In conjunction with the performance events was the Bass Competition, which was put on by Vibrations Custom Audio. The bass coming out of those cars made your internal organs vibrate, and this was by far the most successful and largest bass competition event we’ve ever had. We’re still not sure how those cars aren’t rattled into pieces.

We had a big turnout last year for the car show, but this year was out of control. It was awesome seeing so many cleanly built and unique cars. There were seven categories ranging from Tuner, Muscle, Vintage, Exotic, Racing, Offroad/4x4, and Hot Rod/Custom. Then there were five Best in Show categories: Stanced, Paint, Engine Bay, Under Construction and People’s Choice. 


All event sponsors selected a single representative to act as their official judge for the show and the judges were responsible for selecting the winners of each class, except for People’s Choice. With so many choices, voting was difficult. This wasn’t the case for the winner of Best In Show, the beautifully built custom Fastback Mustang, as this car also took home three other trophies. There was some serious diversity in the show this year which exemplifies the diversity of Colorado’s car scene. We’re hoping for an even larger turn-out next year.

Without the sponsors, this event couldn’t have happened. The event’s purpose is to highlight Colorado’s car culture through these businesses, personalities and scene influencers. We couldn’t have done it without their help! Special thanks to Johnny Martin’s Car Central for being the Title Sponsor. Also, our Gold sponsors, Edge Autosport and Heuberger Subaru; and our Silver Sponsors, Under Pressure Performance and Universal Storage Systems. The rest of our sponsors and personalities who made this happen were: SLVA Automotive Studio, SCCA, Racing Line, PPIHC, NASA Rocky Mountain, Machine Gun Tours, Famers Insurance – Justin Burns, and AR Design.

Since this was an Automotive Lifestyle Event, it was more about just the cars. It was about camaraderie, hanging out with your crew and caravanning down to PPIR while breaking necks. Seeing what other enthusiasts have done with their rides, gawking, the live DJ bumping music, the good eats, the beer. But above all, hanging out with like-minded individuals all living the ModLife in our own great state.

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