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Article by Brian Hannon. Photography by Corey Davis

Has it really been a month since we last spoke? Last time we talked we were excitedly unpacking our Air Lift Performance suspension digital combo kit and learning about the advantages of air suspension. It may seem like we’ve taken some time off, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While we’ve been popping up all over the country participating in some of the biggest events, our partners have been hard at work with custom fabrication and, almost more importantly, tracking down the parts needed to kick this build into overdrive.

Fortunately, the turbo system has finally been sourced, along with the procurement of the drivetrain, brake and suspension components that we need for the build. The FA20 build continues, but we are getting ever closer to putting the heart back in our BRZ. Keep an eye out next week as we discuss specifically how SCR Performance is tackling the bottom end and, more importantly—why.

For this week’s installment, we take a look at the transformation the exterior of the car is currently undergoing. To take the exterior of the BRZ to the next level, we turned to our friends at SLVA Automotive Studio to help dial in the overall look. Their experience speaks for itself, so we knew they’d be the best to set apart the BRZ from the rest of the crowd . . . After all, a unique, custom look with a propensity to break necks is definitely what we’re going after.

We can’t overlook (our primary parts source partner) who helped us source the parts in a crunch. Thanks to the popularity of the platform, many of the parts were backordered, but the team pulled some strings to get us what we needed in the timeframe the build required. This is no doubt a difficult task, but the crew was able to pull off the impossible, and within a week the exterior components started arriving at SLVA’s garage door.

Going into this build, we knew we didn’t want the end product to look like we had just slapped some parts on and called it a day. That’s not how we do things at Revvolution. We wanted to go after a unique look that nobody has yet to complete, yet be attainable for the determined enthusiast who wants to go after an aggressive, track-oriented approach.

Instead of just taking a full wide-body kit off the shelf, we wanted to design a custom look that’s able to achieve our goals. However, in the interest of making the build attainable, we opted not to do a full custom sheet metal wide-body, but instead took components from an off-the-shelf kit, molding them in for a custom look. To further that custom look, we added specific parts that help complement and complete our track-oriented focus—more on that to come.

We wanted to go wide with the kit and have a professional, show-oriented look, so we decided on the Rocket Bunny V1 fender flare kit to mold into the body. Note that the Rocket Bunny kits are popular for their riveted look, which is very complementary of the JDM track culture from which it spawned. While the kit has an edge to it with the exposed bolts, we want to deliver a more polished, show-oriented presentation, hence our decision to mold it in and eliminate the exposed hardware. There are also only a handful of BRZs that have gone down the road to mold in the RB V1 kit, so we knew that we would certainly stand out in our home territory, if not the rest of the country as well. Note that the RB V1 kit isn’t specifically made for the BRZ, so some special attention would be required.

Another visual theme we want to establish is a double lip that is carried through the lines from the front to the back. The stock BRZ front bumper will remain in place, but will be augmented with a slick APR carbon fiber front lip. We’re also developing a custom metal front splitter that we expect to add some much needed downforce on track.

Running down the side of the car will be a set of STILLEN polyurethane side skirts that SLVA will mold in with the fender flares. SLVA will also reinforce the skirts to accept a set of Seibon carbon fiber TA-style side lips that will be mounted to the bottom of the STILLEN side skirts to continue the double lip look we’re going for.

On the rear bumper, we will continue the look we did for the front and side by installing STILLEN polyurethane rear bumper flares to bump out the rear end to match the lines of the side skirts. We’ll also install custom metal rear splitters to match the front splitter and Seibon carbon fiber side skirts.

To drive home the custom look that will set us apart from any other Rocket Bunny V1 kits, we opted not to go with the massive track-car wing. Instead we opted for the Seibon CSL-style carbon fiber trunk lid to provide some additional downforce, while maintaining a sleek look to the BRZ.

Now that we have all the parts sourced and delivered, SLVA is hard at work fitting everything on the car and molding all the components to form that cohesive vision we’re going for. From mocking up the design to cutting fenders, molding, finishing, priming and painting, SLVA is transforming our typical BRZ into something next-level. Next week’s installment will follow SLVAs installation process from beginning to end and put a spotlight on the amazing work they do.

The Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Platform Series Partners

Please take a moment to check out our partners, whom without, none of this would be possible:

Heuberger Motors
The world's most enthusiast-friendly Subaru dealership.

SCR Performance
The Performance Expertise Behind the BRZ / FRS Platform Series.
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SLVA Automotive Studio
Where Form meets Function.
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Our Audio and Aesthetics Partner aka the Architects of Fidelity.
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AR Design
The Fabrication Masterminds Behind our Forced Induction Systems
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Our Sport-Compact Performance Parts Source. . . Never Compromising Quality or Customer Service.
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Air Lift Performance
The Progressive Behind the Build
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Maintaining Integrity & Strength through CUSCU Performance
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Wilwood Engineering
The Stopping Power
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Advan Racing
Bringing Together Performance & Aesthetics
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Turbo By Garrett
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Yokohama Tire Company
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