The ModLife Tour. A ModLife Project

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Welcome to the #TeamRevv #ModLife Tour. A #ModLife Project.

Article by Ryan Randels. Video by Lorenzo Politano and Ryan Randels.

It all started out as a simple idea; an idea that would spiral into something amazing. We picked a set of locations that were easily accessible, assembled a small team of automotive photographers and videographers known as #TeamRevv, and set out for an adventure. What was originally an idea focused on capturing original, exclusive and exceptional content has morphed into something more along the lines of a social experiment. An experiment where the subjects aren’t just highly modified cars, but also the personalities, the locations, the crews, the meets, the nightlife and the car culture at large. The way we capture this experiment is what makes it unique. The photography and film that allows us to pass on our experiences. Welcome to the first #ModLife Tour. The first of many.

Here at Team Revvolution we get around. And we don’t make that statement lightly. In the past year alone we’ve traveled to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia (we think) with the sole intention of shooting the automotive lifestyle. One thing we noticed time and time again is that, even though all these different places, scenes and cultures exhibit similar underlying passions (which is what we created the foundation of Revvolution on), they are all inherently different. These differences are what make them astonishingly unique and this is what we’ve set out to capture.

A paragraph pulled directly from a previous Pub Note helps elaborate on our feelings on the subject: "When you look up the term culture, Webster’s defines it as ’the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.’ This in itself proves the inherent difference between lifestyle and culture. Individuals live lifestyles, and when a group of enthusiasts express themselves in a similar fashion, they work toward defining a culture. So, here at Revvolution, we’re celebrating the individual—the passion that an individual can express by means of their lifestyle—The Modified Lifestyle.”

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The beauty of all of this is that the lifestyles that the enthusiasts live, the culture they help define, has the same principals at the core, but every region across the entire world has character that defines that particular scene. California has one of the most diverse, intelligent automotive scenes in the world. And why shouldn’t it—it’s a direct reflection of the automotive melting pot that its people have created. Texas. . . Oh Texas, in a world all its own. The slogan "They do it bigger in Texas” undoubtedly holds true. Nowhere else can you experience the symphony of horsepower like you can in the Lone Star state. Michigan was officially the birthplace of the American Dream. American OEM started there and its roots glisten off the fresh factory paint. And the East Coast, where classic restorations, refined purists, attention to detail and old-world love reigns supreme.

The point we’re trying to get at is every region has its own culture. Its own lifestyle. What we here at Revvolution originally set out to do was just observe and report from the outside. However, as we soon realized, it would be nearly impossible to just sit on the sidelines looking in. It wasn’t long until we were invited in; invited in to participate the way National Geographic photojournalists are invited to cover civil war. You cannot report the whole truth until you’re actually part of it. You cannot even begin to observe until you fully understand it by experiencing it for yourself. This experience is what the #ModLife Tour is all about. Traveling to all corners of the country (and eventually the world) to infiltrate, embrace, observe and report what it is that defines that particular automotive culture. To capture the features: the modified cars, the sweat-hardened builds, the authentic locations, the lifestyle, the personalities—this is the #ModLife Tour.

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The #ModLife Team

What makes this experiment even better is the tool we use to observe: our Team. Over the past year we’ve built a team that spans the country; not only of photographers, but videographers, writers, editors, designers and strategists all working together to better themselves and Team Revvolution. Our team consists of not only world-renowned professionals, but those same professionals also mentor and help advance the knowledge, experience and expertise of our team’s amateurs. We all have a skillset to bring to the table allowing us to advance the automotive industry as a whole. That is the beauty of Team Revvolution: We are all here to help each other, share the experience and grow our professional status and expertise, while highlighting the industry.

When we announced our team for the ModLife Tour Part 1, we couldn’t have selected more dynamic individuals to really set the tone for all future projects. Every single person brought their strengths to the table, and this will be highly visible through, not only the video, but the work that you will see as part of the recap article that will be dropping shortly. Corey Davis, Joel Chan, Lorenzo Politano, Gil Folk, Brian Bassard and myself were the core that made our team for our first West Coast trip.

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In the near future, we will continue with the #ModLife Project. We will invite "guest talent,” well-known, local-to-the-scene automotive photographers and videographers, to bring their taste and vision to the features that we put together as part of the Tour. This will give us the ability to really dive into the local scene and highlight the professionals who help make it. This, right here, is the future of the #ModLife Project.

The #ModLife Project. Will you join us on the next?

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