TX2K14 Roll Race Nationals Intro and Day One Coverage

Article by Corey Davis and Kenta Young. Photography by Nathan Leach-Proffer, Corey Davis and Kenta Young.

When you think about Texas, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If it's high horsepower, you've come to the right place and we've done something right. It's only fitting that Texas throws an event of this caliber considering it also hosts two of the oldest and most well-known high-speed races, the Texas Mile and the Texas Invitational (TI). And, it’s home to what was once considered the fastest non-restrictor plate tracks on the NASCAR circuit with entry speeds in excess of 102 mph, and corner entry speeds over 200 mph. This makes it a perfect venue for TX2K. For the past 15 years, TX2K has kicked off the automotive season in March and has easily become one of Revvolution's favorite events of the year. Who needs a beach with a bunch of drunk college kids? It might just be us, but a mass gathering of some of the baddest cars in the nation sounds far more appealing.

TX2K began 13 years ago as a Supra Nationals event, and has since evolved into one of the largest aggregations of high horsepower vehicles in the nation. With an average of 1210 hp, this event has become a destination for high profile tuners, manufacturers and privateers to show off what their vehicles are capable of. TX2K has grown into one of the biggest and most well-known automotive lifestyle events, drawing participants and spectators from all over the country and even the world.

TX2K '14 (TX2K14) is slightly different than past events with the nixing of the time attack and the introduction of the highly anticipated rolling race. In order for a car to participate, it must meet the following criteria: It must be a true street car, meaning no tubbed drag cars, or full out race cars. The cars must have over 800 whp, and they must be running on DOT approved tires.

Here's how the races will take place: Each car is paired in the hot pit, and then proceed to the first turn where they pace each other and climb the bank to reach the designated starting point and speed. At 60 mph, both cars must cross the starting line at the same moment with a close tolerance of half a car length. If these criteria are not met, the run will be DQ'd. As they pass the starting point, the race is on and drivers will have approximately 1,500 feet to accelerate in order to be the first car to reach the finish line. Brakes come in shortly after, as drivers have 800+ feet to slow down before reaching the massive NASCAR bank. It doesn't sound like much time to stop, but when you factor in the steep grade of the banking, the cars will have plenty of space to slow down safely.

The other components of TX2K are its staples: The Dyno Day at Hennessy Performance, and the two days of drags at Lonestar Motorsports Park.

Something that we'd be ignorant not to mention is the "Dark Side" of TX2K. While we don't condone illegal street racing, it's an integral part of the event, and draws an even bigger following with high stakes grudge matches where egos and reputations are on the line. Our friends at 1320 Video are the best in the business at capturing this side of TX2K, so be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

Times have changed, and what use to be primarily a Supra-dominated event is now overshadowed by the Nissan GT-R platform. Last year at TX2K '13 (TXK13) we noticed an exorbitant amount, and this year is no different with over 50 GT-Rs on the roll-racing roster. However, the presence of some of the most prolific Lamborghini tuners is evident. Outfits such as Underground Racing (UGR) and Dallas Performance will be looking to dispel all the talk of "Lambo hunting" with their twin turbo Bulls charging into the high horsepower arena. We can't wait for TX2K14 to get underway–it should be quite an event this year. We've compiled a list of cars and teams we personally know and think will be the heavy hitters at the roll race. You may even be familiar with some of them from our past articles and coverage.

Let’s begin with why this event matters—specifically the rolling race. Aside from everything we’ve previously discussed in terms of TX2K being one of the most highly anticipated events of the year (and for good reason), there’s more than just the country’s biggest tuners’ reputations on the line. As we concluded last year’s coverage with a killer event at Shift-S3ctor’s Coalinga Airstrip Attack [link], we told a story about three tuners that went back and forth relentlessly to claim the half-mile title. We recommend you take a look at the article linked above, but just in case your time is short (and we understand, there’s racing happening), we will provide a brief summary. The record title went back and forth countless times between Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) in their GT-R, Dallas Performance in their twin-turbo Gallardo, and Underground Racing’s Stacey Barnett in his discreet twin-turbo Gallardo. The fight was ruthless as it ended with blown head gaskets, broken differentials and bruised egos, as one of the teams skirted away with the victory. That victory, that title, that reputation is what is at stake.

If you haven't heard of the tuning powerhouse, Underground Racing, you surely will after this week. UGR is one of the most well-known Lamborghini tuners in the world and for good reasonthey're notorious for the twin-turbo Bulls they create. With their half-mile record from Shift-S3ctor’s October event still standing at 224.99 mph, they will be gunning for the top spot here in Texas. The cars that will be at the event will be putting out upwards of 2000 hp and will most definitely be some of the most powerful cars here.

Dallas Performance was the second notable Lamborghini tuner in contention for the title at Shift-S3ctor. Even though they didn't have the fully welded cage required for 200 mph+ runs, they pushed the envelope and went all out. The outcome was a run that was over 220 mph, but due to the rules, the record couldn’t be given to them. You better bet that Dallas Performance will be gunning for Underground Racing at TX2K and looking to make records.

Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) was the final builder in contention at Shift-S3ctor, bringing out their 1,800+ hp Nissan GT-R with hopes of securing the victory. Even though they did a 214 mph run before they turned up the boost, they consequently blew a head gasket during the run which, rendered them out of the competition. ETS put back together the pieces of their build and it’s now stronger than ever before—clocking in at around 2,000 hp to the wheels for Texas.

AMS Performance is one of the tuning companies at the forefront of the GT-R world. They create some of the most widely used turbo system and upgrades available for the platform. AMS’ pedigree speaks for itself as they were the first to create a GT-R that broke the 9, 8, and 7 second barrier in the quarter mile. There is no doubt that they will be back with the "Alpha Omega" to, not only keep pushing the limits of the GT-R, but also to defend and break the records that they’ve already set.

T1 Racing Development is going to have a strong showing this year with over 10 cars on the roster, with one of them being the socially infamous Alpha 20 GT-R. With a T1-spec’d built engine and drivetrain, and the power the Alpha Omega badge carries with it, it translates to horsepower in the high thousands to the wheels. With power like that the GT-R couldn’t keep traction on their dyno. Put that power to the pavement and you certainly have another frontline contender.

Out of Oberlin, Ohio, Switzer Performance is another name at the top of the GT-R game. Switzer is a very well-known builder of some of the fastest GT-R’s in the world. As expected, they will be there with cars well over 1000 hp and maxing out at the plus side of 2000 hp. They are undeniably in contention for the top spot in this year’s running of TX2K.

Privateer Jason "Mullet" Stevens [link] is well-known, not only for having many awesome cars, like his high-horsepower Ford GT with "Mullet" on the license plate, but also for rocking a mullet loud and proud. This year Jason is driving his Underground Racing Lamborghini putting down about 1750 hp to the wheels. Stevens will most definitely be a force to be reckoned with this year.

With an event that’s surrounded by competition like this, it’s definitely going to be a wild ride. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @TheRevvolution and on Instagram @TheRevvolution for updates all week as we provide up-to-the-minute media coverage of the event the entire week.


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