Spinning Barrels: TX2K14 Dyno Day

Article by Corey Davis. Photography by Corey Davis, Nathan Leach-Proffer and Kenta Young.

Dynos⎯You're either all talk or you know for a fact what your ride puts down. After weaving their way through the crowds, gawking at various cars and popping off the rev limiter a few times to turn heads, entrants pulled up to the garage where techs hopped into the driver’s seats and carefully backed up the cars onto the dyno. The cars are then strapped down, fans are turned on and the techs rip off three different runs. The reading is then written onto the running list of makes, models and horsepower. Typically, dynos are used for tuning tools, much like a tape measure is used for building something with precision, but they also double as fabulous competition power measurement devices. Even then, with so many variations and often inflated power readings these days, it's difficult to truly know how much power a car is capable of. Instead of comparing scurrilous dyno sheets, dyno competitions offer up an opportunity to compare real life numbers, while minimizing the variables. This leads to that unquestionable requirement for facts that are a prerequisite for a true contest. 

TX2K's Dyno Day levels the playing field by hosting the ever popular high horsepower contest at one of the most well-known tuner shops in the nation, Hennessey Performance Engineering. Masters of their craft, the students of Hennessey's tuner school strapped down a total of 85 vehicles onto both of their all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive dynos throughout the nine hour event. 

The highest horsepower number of the day belonged to the all-famous Jessica Barton in her DoubleD Tuning Mark IV Toyota Supra, rolling the barrels to a staggering 1304 rwhp. 

When we say high horsepower, the average power that qualifying vehicles put down throughout the day was an impressive 661. In order to qualify for a free dyno run, it was required to put down 425 whp or greater. Any number below that and the drivers would be charged $50 for their three pulls, with the money from their entry fee going to the prize pool for the highest horsepower.

Aside from bragging rights, Dyno Day is also a car show highlighting some of the most high-profile builds, both locally and nationally. In addition, it allows sponsors and vendors to proudly display their products and builds. Despite the threat of rain, the event went on without a hitch and was a great opportunity for TeamRevv to go out and enjoy much of the eye candy that was parked throughout the venue.

Shortly after the Dyno Day was concluded the party moved to Lonestar Motorsports Park where drag races took place. Putting power down on a dyno is one thing, laying it on the ground is an entirely different beast. It's awesome seeing how power actually translates to the track. Drag races lasted a few hours and the event shifted to the Bikini contest, burnout competition and blind gymkhana.

Non-Supra TX2K Dyno Competition Results

1. Mullet, 1022 hp
2. Travis Franklin, 953 hp
3. Nicholas Shorirolf, 919 hp
4. Brandon Yates, 901 hp
5. Matt Owen, 861 hp
6. Rick Trunkett, 849 hp
7. Evan Rubin, 848 hp
8. Power Fab Auto, 821 hp
9. Brett Fenning, 770 hp
10. Jay Bow, 740 hp
11. Steven Fereday, 720 hp
12. Evan Ellenwood, 710 hp
13. Gerald Porsch, 697 hp
14. Anthony Shun, 688 hp
15. Cameron Powers, 659 hp
16. Luis Vera, 633 hp
17. Sean Porthouse, 632 hp
18. APR, 619 hp
19. Alex Ayo, 607 hp
20. Chris Carter, 596 hp
21. Andrew Venables, 595 hp
22. Jazmine Bullion, 588 hp
23. Myles Kerr, 587 hp
24. Ryan Murray, 585 hp
25. John Vater, 582 hp
26. Josh Singleton, 577 hp
27. Dewayne Everage, 573 hp
28. Roy Rodella, 570 hp
29. Nayeen Amin, 560 hp
30. Mario Garza, 559 hp
31. Dan Deleon, 557 hp
32. Mark Fahmy, 556 hp
33. Vincent Balogia, 555 hp
34. Will Hatcher, 553 hp
35. Adam Miller, 543 hp
36. Fady Hamdan, 542 hp
37. Michael Hardin, 540 hp
38. Nasir Zulfiquar, 538 hp
39. Jose Rodriguez, 534 hp
40. Vudy Swami, 523 hp
41. Hiren Patel, 523 hp
42. Joel Cox, 522 hp
43. Luna Rose, 522 hp
44. Chad Street, 520 hp
45. Milad Darooai, 512 hp
46. John Galdwell, 508 hp
47. Tyler Breland, 508 hp
48. Jaime Noziega, 507 hp
49. Matt Miller, 506 hp
50. Huy Nguyen, 502 hp
51. Derek Danemarks, 498 hp
52. Justin Williams, 497 hp
53. Induction Performance, 496 hp
54. Jason Penningmann, 494 hp
55. Tim Klein, 444 hp
56. Bryan Ates, 412 hp
57. Zohab Qazi, 404 hp
58. Jay Rogers, 403.9 hp
59. Chris Cerda, 400.89 hp
60. Alex Alexander, 398 hp
61. Jeremy Dickey, 393 hp
62. Stephen Ellison, 381 hp
63. Andrew Venables, 380 hp
64. Carter Hamidetan, 373 hp
65. Jarrod Mosley, 336 hp
66. Kevin Johnson, 327 hp
67. Robin Arics, 326 hp
68. Esteban Davis, 318 hp
69. Dan McGill Scion, 266 hp
70. Mike Valencia, 260.2 hp
71. John Boren, 251 hp
72. Justin Williams, 239 hp
73. Justin Puder, 194 hp

Supra TX2K Dyno Competition Results

1. Jessica Baron, 1304 hp
2. Bryan Matos, 1191 hp
3. Craig Bush, 1101 hp
4. Dynosaur, 1064 hp
5. Antonio Culvo, 970 hp
6. Induction Performance, 784 hp
7. Sergio DeLatorre, 781 hp
8. Thomas Southall, 455 hp
9. Navi Wijenayake, 455 hp


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