Bulls On Parade: Day Two of TX2K14 Roll Race Nationals

Article by Nathan Leach-Proffer. Photography by Corey Davis, Ryan Randels , and Kenta Young.

Day two of TX2K14 returned to Texas World Speedway to crown the first champions of the TX2K Roll Race Nationals. Today, TWS lived up to its nickname, "The Worlds Fastest Speedway." A few decades ago, when the speedway was a bustling hub for sanctioned motorsport, it was dubbed the fastest speedway when Mario Andretti set a record speed of 214.158 mph, while qualifying for an Indy race. The top speed achieved today by contrast, was set by a road-fairing, fire spewing Bull, clocking in at an impressive 201 mph. Needless to say, it's fitting today's record was set by the eventual Unlimited Class winner.

We noticed quite a bit of unique colored brake calipers. These metallic blue ones were among our favorites.

Jack's Transmissions was part of the entourage that caravanned down to Texas with us from Colorado. They're fully equipped to service any wounded vehicles in the transmission department.

Unlike other top speed events that TeamRevv so often frequent, what really sets this venue apart are the massive NASCAR banks at either end of the oval. Instead of a straight shot down a runway, TX2K organizers threw these ballsy drivers a curve with the finish line just 800 feet from what is most likely the highest degree bank they'll ever dive into. Our images look more like aerial shots rather than horizontal Motorsport captures. Imagine barreling down a straight at 200+ mph, then warming up the brake pads just before your car hooks hard left and buries itself into the rubber-layden bank. Teams reported hitting the turn at speeds as high as 150 mph, and pulling enough G's to pin them to their seats. Something we refer to as "full pucker." This pretty accurately sums up the feeling of the first two days of the TX2K Roll Race Nationals.

"Remember, Remember..." - V

To recap, this is how the roll races work: Cars are paired up in the hot pits based on qualifying results. After launching, they cruise around turns one and two building speed until they hit the starting line at the entry of the back straight. At 60 mph, both cars must cross the starting line at the same moment with a close tolerance of half a car length. If these criteria are not met, the run will be DQ'd. As soon as they pass the starting point, the race is on, and drivers will have approximately 1,500 feet to accelerate and be the first across the finish line.

Despite starting at 60 MPH and being AWD, many cars had difficulties hooking up on the track requiring the application of VCT. #HighHorsepowerProblems

Check out the front of this UGR Lambo lifting. Got torque?

Cars are divided into three brackets of 16: Unlimited, Super Sport and Sport. Each bracket is based on qualifying time with the top 16 clashing for the coveted Unlimited Title, the next tier of 16 race for Super Sport, and the remaining 16 battle in the Sport bracket. Within each class, the number one seed takes on the last, the second runs against the 15th seed and so on until there’s only one car left standing. While Super Sport and Sport were dominated by GTRs, the Unlimited Class final featured two Underground Racing Lamborghinis, solidifying their high speed rolling race dominance. Victory did not come to UGR drama free, however; for details on the day’s match ups, follow along with the photos.

Surprisingly there weren't that many domestics at the event this year, the one's that did participate always put on some smokey shows.

TX2K 14 Roll Race Nationals Results:

Sport Bracket
Semi 1 - Nacol beats Crawford at 171 MPH
Semi 2 - Oakes GTR beats Protroski at 173 MPH
Final - Oakes GTR beats Nacol at 164 MPH

Super Sport Bracket
Semi 1 - Leboeuf beats Haynes at 180 MPH
Semi 2 - Jaffery beats Carruthers at 188 MPH
Final - Jaffery beats Leboeuf at 193 MPH

Unlimited Bracket
Semi 1 - Kallergis beats Fernandez at 201 MPH
Semi 2 Run 1 - Run DQ'd because vehicles were to far apart at start
Semi 2 Run 2 - Nadar beats Perrott at 151 MPH
Final - Kallergis beats Nadar at 184 MPH

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