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Article by Ryan Randels.

Revvolution and Elite Auto Salon (EAS) are excited to announce our second annual Automotive Lifestyle Event for 2014. The car event highlights Colorado’s car culture by bringing together automotive businesses and organizations from around the state and surrounding areas. This year’s event, being held at the same venue as last year, Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colorado, promises to be bigger, better, and harder hitting.. To ensure not to conflict with one of our other primary events, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and to steer clear of the daily June rain showers, this year’s event will be held on May 18th, 2014.

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Even though last year’s event succumbed to inclement weather in the latter part of the day, it was extremely successful, and we pushed to make sure we brought back the features everybody is looking forward to seeing. In the line-up for this year’s performance events, we’re bringing back the successful Open Road Course and Competition, and the 1/8th Mile Drag Exhibition runs and competition (yes, side-by-side!). We’ve dropped the circle drag track and gymkhana course in-lieu of a little team-based rivalry: The Team Versus Challenge and Competition.

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On the audio and electronics side of things, in addition to the Sound (Bass) Competition, EAS is bringing together some of their most intense and audiophile-tastic builds for their Audio Showcase and Demo. With the doors of some of Colorado’s best audio-builds wide open for the public, you can experience what it means to have a true quality sound system, while appreciating what in-car-entertainment should look, sound and feel like.

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Also back is the People’s Choice Car Show, and we’re working to deliver a much more formal atmosphere, while maintaining everything you loved about last year’s show. Instead of hand-selecting a group of overly qualified judges, we’re putting the judging into the hands of the enthusiasts to select the top three winners for each category.

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With Colorado Springs’ finest foods, music, beer garden, automotive and lifestyle photo shoots and more, this is Colorado’s Automotive Lifestyle Event of the year that you don’t want to miss. Check out last year’s event coverage @

This article is our official medium where we collect and provide all the event details and updates, respond and post FAQ’s, and post all the resources for the event.

You can also follow the ongoing discussion at the Official Facebook Event @

Check out our official Revvolution / EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event 2014 forum thread for in-depth discussions @

2014 Revv / EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event Details


General Admission: $10 per car. (Fill as many people into your car as you can!)
Performance Event Admission: GA + $40 per participant. (Includes 10 tickets – additional tickets available at $5 each. See the notes below for Performance Event types.)
People's Choice Car Show: GA + $10 (only $5 with pre-registration at
Bass Competition: GA + $25

Event Tickets are Now Available! Purchase your REALE 2014 Event Tickets Now


-Open Road Course & Competition
-Team Versus Challenge
-1/8th Mile Drag Exhibitions


-People’s Choice Car Show
-Sound Competition
-Audio Showcase & Demo


-Automotive Photoshoots
-Beer Garden
-Catering by COSP's Finest Foods
-Prizes for all Competitive Events


7:00 AM – Gates open to sponsors and vendors
8:00 AM – Gates open for General Admission
8:00 AM – 10:30 AM – Open Road Course / Qualifications
9:30 AM – All Show Cars Required to be Parked
10:00 AM – Event Officially Starts
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM – Open Team Versus Challenge
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Lunch Break / People’s Choice Show Judging
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM – 1/8th Mile Drag Exhibition Open Runs / Qualifying
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM – 1/8th Mile Drag Exhibition Competition
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM – Team Versus Challenge Competition
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM – Road Course Competition
5:00 PM – Awards
6:00 PM – Gates Close

2014 Revv / EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event Performance Event Details


Automotive Lifestyle Event 2014 REALE Open Road Course

As part of our event, we will be running an open road course (time attack style) on the inner loop of the main PPIR track.

Each driver will pull up to the "Start Box" and hold until they are given the green flag.

Once the flag drops, they may start the course. As soon as they cross the "Timing Loop", the timer for their lap beings.

The driver goes around the track, and when they cross the timing loop again, the timer stops.

Here's where it gets interesting... the "Brake Box". The driver MUST come to a complete stop inside the Brake Box after crossing the finish line. As shown in the image above, if they stop in the first section of cones, their time is as shown on the timing board. If they go over the first set of cones, they will receive a +1 second penalty to their time. If the go through the second set of cones, they will receive a +2 second penalty to their time.

We will be keeping a running board showing the top 32 times for the day. At the end of the event, we will take the top 16 contestants and put them back out on the track. They will each have a final lap around the track to set their Shootout Time. The TOP 3 will be the victors of the Road Course Shootout.


Automotive Lifestyle Event 2014 REALE Team Versus Challenge

Also on the inner loop of the track, we will be holding our first Team Versus Challenge. This is a great opportunity to match your skills with another team in an event where each team has absolutely identical opportunity. Same car. Same course. Only variable is YOUR TEAM’s driving skills.

How it works:
a. Each team (group of 4) stands in the Staging Area. Each team’s Bondurant car will be sitting in their respective Brake Boxes.
b. When the flag drops, the first driver runs to their Vehicle, puts on their seat belt, and drives out of the brake box, around the bottom cone, and through the "Thru-Box”. Once passing the Thru-Box, the driver must slalom through the cones, lapping around the last, and then slalom back through the cones. The driver must then come to a complete stop inside the Brake Box, jump out of the car, and tag the next Team Driver.
c. Upon tagging the next Team Driver, they must then repeat the process until all 4 team members have completed the course. The first (final) team driver to come to a complete stop within the brake box is the victor of the round.

Requirements / Notes:
a. Each car is identical, same fuel, same tires, same setup.
b. Each driver must wear their seatbelt (only to add a twist to things!)
c. Team Drivers must remain in their Staging area until they’re tagged
d. The judges will be keeping time, but this is not public knowledge. These times will simply be used to establish the Top 8 Qualifying Teams for the Competition.

Team Versus Challenge Competition
When it comes time for the TVC Challenge, we will announce the Top 6 teams for competition. They will then go head-to-head against each other, starting with the two slowest teams, working towards the fastest. If you win the round, you stay on the course. If not, better luck next year. Top 3 winners will receive trophies.


Automotive Lifestyle Event 2014 REALE 1/8th Mile Drags

The final performance-oriented activity at the event is the 1/8 mile drags down pit row.
This is SIDE-BY-SIDE drag exhibitions.

We will be providing a staging area for drivers so they can meet up and run the track for grudge runs.

The drivers will line up against the Timing Start line, wait for the flag to drop and be off. As soon as they cross the Timing Start line the timer starts until they cross the Timing End line. The driver must immediately move off the track once coming to a controlled speed.

We will be keeping a running board showing the top 32 times for the day. At the end of the session, we will take the top 16 contestants and put them back out on the track. The Competition will be a bracket-style competition, winners advance. The TOP 3 will be the victors of the 1/8 Mile Drags.

Special Event Details


Vibrations Custom Audio in association with SineWave Productions brings you the DB Drag Racing and Bass Race competitions. More information is available @ and you can purchase your entry ticket @


Top 3 Tuner
Top 3 Muscle
Top 3 Vintage
Top 3 Exotic
Top 3 Racing
Top 3 Offroad / 4x4
Top 3 Hot Rod / Custom
Best in Show - Stanced
Best in Show - Paint
Best in Show - Engine Bay
Best in Show - Under Construction
Best in Show - People's Choice

All event sponsors will each be selecting a single representative to act as as their official judge for the car show. The judges are responsible for selecting the winners of each class, except the Best in Show - People's Choice.

The Best in Show - People's Choice class will be judged by all the event spectators. Each spectator will be given a single ballot in which they get to choose their favorite vehicle in the Show.

All ballots will be counted and winners will be announced during the Trophy portion of the event. Refer to the Event Schedule for additional information

Event Tickets are Now Available! Purchase your REALE 2014 Event Tickets Now

Event Sponsors

This event is highlights the businesses and organizations that create Colorado's Car Culture. We want you to be part of it. For sponsorship / event support, email Ryan Randels at randelsr (at) revolution (dot) com .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you accept credit cards at the track?
A: Absolutely, all major cards accepted.

Q: Tech inspection for the performance events?
A: We will be doing a basic inspection of the vehicle. Make sure all body and mechanical components are fully attached, nothing hanging off. Minor cracks in windshield are OK given that they pose no threat to driver or spectators. No leaking fluids. Tires in good condition. Basically, make sure your car is in good shape before you bring it to the track. We want you to be able to drive it home!

Q: Helmets for performance events?
A: Yes, you need some sort of DOT or race-approved helmet to participate in any of the performance events. NASA & SCCA will have a couple loaners if you need them.

Q: Is this an annual event?

Q: Dogs allowed?
A: No

Q: Rain or shine event?
A: Yes

Q: I didn't receive my trophies from last year. Where can I pick them up?
A: Contact EAS as they have a STACK sitting at their headquarters. 719-325-6974, ask for Timothy.

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