Introducing the Revvolution Subaru Project BRZ Build

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Article by Brian Hannon. Photography by Corey Davis, Ryan Randels and Nathan Leach-Proffer.

We’ve mentioned it a few times before, but consider this your formal introduction to the 2014 Subaru Revvolution build! You may have noticed during our platform overview series that we mentioned getting our hands on a BRZ of our own to play with; and now we want to make sure we share our vision for the build, and introduce all of the partners involved in this massive undertaking.

Looking back, we initially introduced the platform and provided a bit of history of the car’s lineage, along with the development process of the current platform. Then we got our hands on our own BRZ and gave our initial impressions of the interior and performance in stock guise. After that, we turned to our industry partners to provide insight, based on their experiences, into the strengths and weaknesses of the stock platform’s performance, aesthetics, trim, and electronics and performance electronics (note: our intention was to drop this article later this week, but after digging in we realized that it warranted additional prep work–stay tuned). Subaru BRZ Project Front Image

Let’s talk about where we want to take our BRZ. Our goal with Project BRZ is to develop a progressive, performance-oriented show vehicle which pushes the envelope of what has been previously accomplished with the platform. It won’t be a tame build either as we are going the turbocharged route along with a custom wide-body. We want to push the performance levels of the FA20 engine, and exploit the advantages of an air suspension setup for performance applications that still want some form with their function. As we push power potential, we will compliment the build with the appropriate supporting modifications to the drivetrain, chassis and suspension. Essentially, we’re looking for the ability to roll into a car show, dump the car on the ground with air suspension, then pick it up and head off to the track for some hot laps without even blinking. Subaru BRZ Project Rear Image

With a heavy focus on technical documentation, we will develop in-depth articles focusing on the specification, build processes, modification guides and product reviews. While we don’t doubt our own abilities to put a decent car together, we knew we’d have to pool the knowledge and experience of our expert industry contacts to develop an unrivaled package. Subaru BRZ Project Taillight

We also set out to establish a team of local experts (known as partners) who will bring their individual specialties together to develop a complete product. We hand-selected each partner based on their expertise, industry knowledge and ability to deliver a quality product, along with their interest in the FR-S/BRZ platforms. Each partner involved in the build has a specific task and focus for the project based on their background. Subaru BRZ Project Front Lip

Working locally also brings about a few advantages as well. First, Colorado has some of the best shops in the country, and all of our local partners have excellent working relationships. Second, working locally greatly reduces strains on logistics, as it’s easy to move the car from one shop to another as each partner gets to lay their hands on the BRZ during the build. Third, it allows us to stay intimately involved in the build and we can bring you the latest updates on the progress! Subaru BRZ Project Spoiler

Without further adieu, let’s meet the team!

Heuberger Motors

Focus Area:
  • Sourcing the 2014 Subaru BRZ

Who is Heuberger Motors?

"Heuberger Motors is a stand alone Subaru dealership located in Colorado Springs, CO, just about 45 minutes from South Denver. We carry one of the largest new car inventories in Southern Colorado; our volume pricing philosophy gives you a great price the first time to save you valuable time. This has helped us to become the largest Volume Subaru dealership in the United States since 2007.”

Why did we partner with them?

Without a car, this build really wouldn’t be happening, plain and simple. We knew Heuberger would have the reach necessary to help us source the 2014 Subaru BRZ we wanted at a price we could manage. The whole Heuberger team has been extremely supportive, and we look forward to showcasing the potential of a car you can buy right off the lot at their dealership. Subaru BRZ Project EAS Interior Tear-Down

Elite Auto Salon (EAS)

Focus Area:
  • Interior Modification & Fabrication
  • Audio System & Electronics
  • Vehicle Wrap

Who is Elite Auto Salon?

"Elite Auto Salon is Colorado's one-stop auto aesthetic source, whether it's car audio, detailing, tinting, paint protection, graphic wraps, or custom fabrication, we know how to deliver."

How do they plan to contribute to the build?

"At EAS we have always enjoyed pushing the limits, from car audio to graphic vehicle wraps. When we found out our friends at Revvolution had acquired a BRZ and were going 'all the way,' there was never really a question we would be involved."

Why did we partner with them?

We reached out to EAS because they provide the most innovative fabrication, audio system and automotive aesthetics solutions in Colorado. We literally wouldn't trust our build in the hands of any other company locally when it comes to their specialties. We’ve been working with them hand in hand for over two years on various projects and these guys have always delivered a product that met our needs. Subaru BRZ Project SLVA Automotive Studio Seam Welding

SLVA Automotive Studio (SLVA)

Focus Areas:
  • Chassis Modification
  • Roll Bar Construction and Safety Modifications
  • Custom Wide-Body

Who is SLVA Automotive Studio?

"The mission of SLVA Automotive Studio is simple. To create individual works of art like no other car on the road. We approach every project as a blank canvas, creating a vision of style and performance that reflects the unique interests and tastes of the owner. From purely aesthetic concepts to complete performance modifications, SLVA can literally sculpt the lines of an automobile to create a distinctive new look, as well as reconfigure the engine and drivetrain to achieve optimum power and handling capabilities. We truly build your dream car.”

How do they plan to contribute to the build?

"SLVA Automotive Studio is involved with the build as the aesthetic consultant/builder. Our goal is to develop a show quality vehicle, including a wide-body and other ground effects and chassis strengthening, that is original and will turn heads while at the same time be completely functional in providing the vehicle with optimal aerodynamics, handling and performance on and off the track.”

Why did we partner with them?

We turned to SLVA based on their intimate knowledge of both custom bodywork and performance applications, making them the perfect candidate to help us transform the platform into a stunning, yet functional track and show car. They get the concept of balancing function with form. We’ve already had the opportunity to view their handiwork with the seam welding they performed on the BRZ, so we’re extremely excited to see how the balance of their contributions turns out. Subaru BRZ Project SCR Performance Valvetrain

SCR Performance (SCR)

Focus Areas:
  • Engine/Drivetrain Build & Overall Performance Specification
  • Wheels/Tires/Suspension Modifications & Wide-body Specification

Who is SCR Performance?

"SCR Performance is committed to providing a high quality experience whether you are building a hot street car or an all out track monster. We work with industry leading companies to provide the best parts available and use the knowledge gained from our racing activities to help guide customers through the vast world of aftermarket modifications. With decades of experience on various makes of vehicles as well as past and current motorsports involvement SCR can help you achieve your performance goals and beyond.

We specialize in European vehicles but also have years of experience with imports and even domestic vehicles.”

How do they plan to contribute to the build?

SCR is excited to exploit the full potential of the new FA-20 in the BRZ/FR-S platform after years of success with the Subaru EJ series. Working with our industry partners and pulling from a large pool of experience we're putting together a bullet proof engine package for this project. With all our builds we take a look at the full vehicle: everything from brakes and suspension to the rest of the drivetrain to provide a balanced and functional vehicle. SCR's goal is to provide a well rounded vehicle that excels at everything and not just be a one trick pony. So far initial impression of the vehicle and drivetrain are good and it is proving to be a great foundation to build upon.

Why did we partner with them?

With their roots in professional motorsports, it was hard to not turn to SCR for the performance component of the build. They know how to bring together a complete package, and understand the careful balancing act when you make changes to the drivetrain, suspension and aerodynamics of a car. Their extensive experience with Subarus also helped in our decision as they actually build Subaru’s crate engines (EJ-series). If corporate Subaru relies on them to perform, why shouldn’t we? Subaru BRZ Project ar design Turbocharger

ar design

Focus Area:
  • Turbo System

Who is ar design?

"AR Design was started in 2006, and has since begun to set the bar in custom fabrication and performance upgrades in the Rocky Mountain region. Our goal is to not only aid customers in their search for speed, but to do so using the highest quality components and fabricated parts.”

How do they plan to contribute to the build?

"AR plans to progress the Revvolution build and BRZ platform by working around the factory engine to provide a streetable and powerful turbocharged application. In conjunction with SCR's build, our turbocharged system will not only help the BRZ gain more than double its factory horsepower output, but will do so with one off, high quality, custom fabricated parts.”

Why did we partner with them?

As this is a completely custom turbo build, we knew we’d have to turn to fabrication experts to not only develop a functional system, but one that could showcase their abilities and stand on its own at the show circuit. AR Design cut their teeth on high-end Euro builds with a focus on forced-induction applications so we knew they were the outfit to partner with for this high-profile build. Their past fabrication work has essentially left our collective jaws on the floor so we’re looking forward to what they come up with for the complete turbo system we’ve entrusted them with! Subaru BRZ Project Air Lift Company

Focus Areas:
  • Parts Supplier

Who is

" is an online high performance parts retailer focusing on small displacement, turbocharged vehicles. We are automotive enthusiasts through and through, and enjoy helping the automotive community accomplish any goal, large or small, with their vehicle. The core of our company is our customers, which is why we ultimately focus on providing unmatched customer service and support for our customers. Without them, we wouldn't be here. We don't just sell parts, we are a resource for anyone modifying their vehicle.”

How do they plan to contribute to the build?

"For Revvolution's Subaru BRZ build, we are more than thrilled to provide assistance with hand picking what we know to be proven parts for what is going to be the ultimate BRZ build. Being able to see many people's experiences with different parts, and working with many manufacturers, allows us the opportunity to see into many scenarios that tell us how well certain parts and setups work. With this BRZ, we're excited to bring our knowledge about how a build comes together and use it to help Revvolution create a monster. We're also excited to learn more about the capacity of the car from the many other awesome sponsors involved in the project. With their knowledge and contributions, it will further help our ability to help future customers build their own version of a higher performing Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S.”

Why did we partner with them?

The logistics and networking required to procure parts in a timely fashion (especially for a big build!) can be a source of frustration, so we knew we had to rely on a shop with the right connections and excellent working relationships to get our partners what they need when they need it. For procuring the key parts for our build, we knew we had to look no further than thanks to their extensive manufacturing network and customer service focus, along with their experience with suppliers for turbocharged sport compact cars. It’s nice having all of these excellent partners in our backyard! Subaru BRZ Project CUSCO USA

Manufacturer Partners

Now that we’ve nailed down all of the partners that will help bring the car together, we had to turn to the industry for the hard parts to take the build to the next level. We’ll formally introduce each one as we progress through the build, but this is who we have signed up to date:
  • Cusco – Chassis bracing and driveline enhancements
  • Air Lift Performance – Air suspension
  • Wilwood Engineering – Braking solutions
  • Mackin Industries - Wheels (ADVAN Racing)
  • Yokohama - Tires
  • And we’re adding new partners every day!

As you can tell, we’re extremely excited for the opportunity to showcase the potential of the FR-S/BRZ with a great team of shops and manufacturers supporting us each step of the way. 

In-lieu of a full list of all the parts and work going into the project, here’s a quick glimpse so you can better understand the spec we’re going after. As we progress in the detailed documentary (new articles every week) encompassing the entire build, we will specifically call out each component we are modifying.  A key takeaway is that this build is objective-oriented (high-performance street application). Every single component that’s going into this car has been specifically chosen and through the documentation process we will elaborate as to why it was chosen so you understand the thought process behind it.  

Revvolution Project BRZ Spec Objectives

Engine / Turbo System / Drivetrain
Blueprinted, Machined & Built FA20 Engine with Supporting Mods
Custom Turbo System
Custom Fuel System to Match (Maintaining both Port & Direct Injection Systems)
All Necessary Drivetrain Modifications (Trans, DS, Axles, etc)

Suspension / Wheels / Tires / Brakes
Air Lift Performance Air Suspension
All Necessary Suspension & Chassis Components by CUSCO
Wilwood Engineering BBK
Advan Racing Wheels
Yokohama Tires 

Interior & Electronics
Fully Seam-Welded
Roll Bar / Harness
CUSCO / Bride Seats
Full Custom Audio System

Full Custom-molded Widebody
Custom & Shelf Aero

Here is a little preview of what you can expect in the next few installments:
Removal of entire interior and seam welding the chassis
Tearing down our second engine to understand the implications, wear points, etc.
Developing the specification for the build (engine, turbo system, fuel system, drivetrain)
Review of the Air Lift Performance suspension and how it compares to a traditional coil and spring combination

We’ll go into the details and specifications of the build as it progresses, but you can expect us to leave no bolt unturned. Stay tuned for the weekly article drops at and follow us on Twitter for some progress shots. As always, please support our partners and sponsors, they are the best in the business and without them this build would not happen!

The Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Platform Series Partners

Please take a moment to check out our partners, whom without, none of this would be possible:

The world's most enthusiast-friendly Subaru dealership.

SCR Performance
The Performance Expertise Behind the BRZ / FRS Platform Series.
Visit them on the web @

SLVA Automotive Studio
Where Form meets Function.

Our Audio and Aesthetics Partner aka the Architects of Fidelity.
Visit them on the web @

AR Design
The Fabrication Masterminds Behind our Forced Induction Systems
Visit them on the web @
Our Sport-Compact Performance Parts Source. . . Never Compromising Quality or Customer Service.
Visit them on the web @
Visit them on Facebook @

Air Lift Performance
The Progressive Behind the Build
Visit them on the web @

Maintaining Integrity & Strength through CUSCU Performance
Visit them on web @
Visit them on Facebook @

Wilwood Engineering
The Stopping Power
Visit them on the web @

Advan Racing
Bringing Together Performance & Aesthetics
Visit them on the web @


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