The Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down

Shift-S3ctor Show-Down

Team Revvolution is proud to announce the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down! Starting today, enthusiasts will have a chance to compete head-to-head with other enthusiasts for the title of the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Vehicle.


What is the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down?

The Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down is a people's choice contest facing off modified car enthusiasts in a bracket-style shootout to crown the victor of the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Vehicle.

How does the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down work?

Each voter is presented with all the vehicles currently registered in the Show-Down. The system is similar to any sports bracket: start with all the participants in the pool and narrow them down to the final victor. If the field is larger than 16 participants, the system asks you to narrow them down to your top 16 favorites. From there, you continue to narrow them down from 8 to 4 to 2 then 1. The last participant standing is crowned the Victor.

How are the Round Victors selected?

Each time a voter selects the required number of participants and proceeds to the next Stage, the participants are awarded their respective Vote Points. Each Stage carries more Vote Points, and your chosen Victor is awarded Bonus Vote Points.
The participants with the most Vote Points at the end of a given Round are considered the Victors.
For Rounds 1 - 2, the Top 5 Participants will be entered into the Final Round of the Ultimate Show-Down. For the Final Round, the single Top Victor will be awarded the Victor of the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down.

What is the Schedule?

The first round of the Shift-S3ctor Ultimate Show-Down officially started on Tuesday, January 7th, 2013.
Round 1 - January 7th @ 1 PM EST - January 13th @ 12:59 PM EST
Round 2 - January 13th @ 1 PM EST - January 20th @ 12:59 PM EST
Final Round - January 20th @ 1 PM EST - January 23rd @ 12:59 PM EST

How do I enter?

The Shift-S3ctor Show-Down is open to the public... Anybody can enter by following these steps:

Already a member of
2. Already have a Vehicle in your Revv Garage? Add a new Photo to your Vehicle's Revvboard
3. Don't already have a Vehicle in your Revv Garage? Create a new Vehicle and add a photo of it
4. Make sure your Vehicle has "Shift-S3ctor" in the name

Not a member of
2. Create a new Vehicle in your Revv Garage and add a photo of it
3. Make sure your Vehicle has "Shift-S3ctor" in the name

What are the Shift-S3ctor Show-Down Prizes?

The Top 2 Final Show-Down Victors will be land a full feature on by #TeamRevv. Not only that, but your build also has a chance to be featured on the world's largest lifestyle video equipment manufactuer's social media channels (who could that possibly be??). We're shooting the features on January 24th in LA. Only those local to LA or Vegas will be considered for the feature during that time. If you win and you're not local to LA or Vegas, #TeamRevv will feature your vehicle at the next Shift-S3ctor event that we're present at.

The Top 3 Final Show-Down Victors will be receiving customized Shift-S3ctor / Revvolution Ultimate Show-Down trophies courtesy of one of the Revvolution site sponsors, Elite Auto Salon! Check them out at and be sure to give them a LIKE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people vote more than once?
Yes, but anybody is only permitted to vote once per every 24 hour period.

What happens if you catch someone cheating?
We honestly hope this doesn't happen, but it's been known to. If you think somebody is cheating for votes in the Show-Down, contact us at info(at) and we'll handle it. If that means removing the purp from the Show-Down or banning an IP address, we can make sure it remains fair for everybody involved.

About Shift-S3ctor

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