Weekly Top 10 Social Automotive Photography Volume VIII

Article By Ryan Randels. All Photographers are mentioned and linked.

Once again we decided to mix up this week's installment of the Top 10 Automotive Photography countdown. Instead of hosting the voting session internally by TeamRevv, we went out to our Facebook community and allowed them to vote directly for the winners. Of the twenty images chosen for the initial pool, we used the individual images' Likes plus Comments and Shares to calculate who the official winners were. . . and it was an interesting turnout! Everybody has their individual interests, and while we love scrutinizing every image with the upmost belief that we're unbiased, it's simply not true. So, we let the masses do the voting!

Clarity. Exposure. Sharpness. Tone. Contrast. Subject. These are all qualities that define a great photograph. And they're exactly what we're looking for. For the first couple of weeks, we will provide a little insight into why we chose these images so that everybody can better understand what we and our community are looking for.

Pepper Yandell Photography

Photo Credit: Pepper Yandell

Alex Murtaza Photography

Photo Credit: Alex Murtaza Photography

Notbland Automotive Photography

Photo Credit: Notbland Automotive Photography

Jordan Donnelly Photography

Photo Credit: Jordan Donnelly Photography

phP!cs Photography

Photo Credit: phP!cs Photography

Notbland Automotive Photography

Photo Credit: Notbland Automotive Photography

Folk Photography

Photo Credit: Folk|Photography

The Fourth Photography

Photo Credit: The Fourth Photography

Jeremy Cliff Photography

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cliff Photography

Tied for 10th Place:

Jordan Donnelly Photography

Photo Credit: Jordan Donnelly Photography

GFWilliams Photography

Photo Credit: GFWilliams Photography

CiprianMihai Photography

Photo Credit: CiprianMihai Photography


We're always looking for photographers and videographers to submit their content to us. If we like what we see, sharing on the social channels is just the beginning. As we dive into a new era, we're looking to expand our Team to build our event coverage and vehicle features. To get started, submit some of your work by one of the methods below, and if it makes the cut, you'll see your work on the front page of the Revvolution social channels.

Your Options:
1. Register on and upload your content.
2. Post your images on our Facebook page ( and tag #RevvTop10
3. Add us as a contact on Flickr.
4. Shoot an email to info(at)revvolution(dot)com


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Definitely a killer set of photos here. Great work guys, especially those of you representing #TeamRevv !

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Outstanding work everyone!