SEMA 2013: The Platform Preview

SEMA 2013 Coverage Preview

Article by Brian Hannon.

Our bags are packed, and the Team Revvolution crew is heading to Las Vegas, ground zero for the largest showcase of cutting-edge aftermarket parts and the latest creations from the most prestigious tuning houses. The big automotive manufacturers also join in the fun, as they have an opportunity to demonstrate they understand the direction of the car culture as they help inspire with in-house creations. It’s closed to the public, but we’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest right here at Revvolution.

As we get ready for the doors to open to pure automotive bliss at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we want to preview some of the hottest creations that will fuel the modified lifestyle in the coming year.


The blue oval crew is bringing 57, yes 57, cars and trucks to this year’s SEMA show! They are taking a multi-platform approach, with everything from F-150s to Fusions, but their two most distinctive cars are the Mustang and the Fiesta.

COBB Tuning Ford Fiesta ST SEMA 2013

The Fiesta ST is an obvious choice because it stands a chance of refueling the hot-hatch craze, with its GTI-like performance for significantly less money. The COBB Tuning Fiesta ST stands out with a slick digital camo wrap as a tribute to the armed forces and Pat Tillman Foundation, deep front spoiler, and a host of bolt-ons for reliable performance.

Hollywood Hot Rods Mustang GT SEMA 2013

Ford chose to send out the current generation Mustang with a bang by showcasing the absolute potential of the car before it bows out in favor of the 2015, which comes out next year. The zenith seems to have been achieved with the Hollywood Hot Rods Mustang GT. It belches out 750 horsepower, thanks to a Ford Racing Whipple supercharger and is planted to the tarmac via a Cortex Racing X-treme grip track suspension. Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods also took the opportunity to re-sculpt the profile with a handmade lift-off aluminum roof. With potential like this, the 2015 Mustang may have a lot of work to do!


Bisi Ezerioha Turbonetics Hyundai Genesis Coupe SEMA 2013

Hyundai proves they are not playing games, with a Genesis Coupe built in conjunction with legendary builder/tuner Bisi Ezerioha and Turbonetics that lays down 1,000 horsepower! Built off a stock-block from a 3.8 R-spec with extremely beefed up internals the goal was to produce the reliability of a street car with the ferocity of a racecar. Mission accomplished. The car looks good sitting on Progress coilovers and 20" Incurve wheels. Befitting a car with 1,000 horsepower, a full roll-cage was installed on the inside, and a Racepack IQ3 dash relays the critical information to the driver.

C7 Corvette

P58 Corvette Stingray Concept Toyo Tires SEMA 2013

Now that it’s finally hit the streets, the supercar-challenging Corvette Stingray is looking to make waves at SEMA this year. So far, the most talked about Corvette, the P58 Stingray Concept, will reside in the Toyo Tires booth. Designed by famed Detroit-based shop TZD, the P58 brings a GT-racer feel to the streets with an aggressive aero package and a one-off set of Vossen monoblock wheels. It’s not just an exercise in design, as tuner Pfadt was able to extract 580 horsepower from the new LT1 V-8, thanks to a full exhaust, cam, and a tune. We’re looking forward to seeing other tuners take on the new C7. This car could be a game changer for Chevrolet!

Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Speedhunters SEMA 2013
Photo by Larry Chen of

After turning the tuning world on their heads with their wide-body Lamborghini Murcielago, the boys from Liberty Walk set their sights on another Italian gem: the Ferrari 458 Italia. Much like the Lambo, it won’t please purists with its massive fender flares, ducktail, and floor-scraping stance, but it’s an avant-garde approach that many are afraid to attempt and fewer are able to pull off.

It’s not just the 458 that will leave its impression on this year’s show. Liberty Walk also has a Nissan GT-R in the Toyo Tires booth, sporting the familiar fender flares but also packing more than 600 horsepower under the hood.

And just because, Liberty Walk teamed up with LTMW and threw together a sick BMW E91 3-Series wagon with the full-blistered fender treatment with a very appropriate project name: #RicFlare.

Is Liberty Walk the RWB of 2013? We think so!


Bulletproof Scion FRS SEMA 2013

After a strong freshman #SEMA2012 showing, the Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z is back in full force for a sophomore effort. Scion sponsored a few project builds, and one that is hard to miss is from Bulletproof Automotive. Eschewing the almost standard Rocket Bunny body kit in favor of the Varis Widebody Spec D kit, the Lamborghini Balloon white FR-S is a breath of fresh air. If the outside of the car weren’t enough, the red alcantara with gold trim interior will be hard to forget, and we think they pulled it off in a tasteful way. Under the hood, output is significantly augmented thanks to a Power House Amuse turbo kit good for around 500 horsepower. We like the fact that someone else is highlighting the tuning potential of the stock motor with the FR-S . . . and hopefully giving Scion/Subaru a clue of what to do with the next iteration of the car.

SRT Viper

Vivid Racing Viper SRT SEMA 2013

Vivid Racing just released a teaser video of its SEMA-bound SRT Viper, and we can’t wait to check it out in person. A display of contrasts, the white-bodied Viper is set off by dark-colored carbon fiber pieces produced by the fiber experts at Siebon. The carbon treatment was applied to the hood, front lip, canards, side skirts, diffuser, and taillight surround. Of note, the hood is made from a single piece of carbon fiber versus a typical patchwork of smaller pieces—quite the feat from Siebon. We have no details on what’s under the gorgeous hood, but there could be something special lurking there.

So that’s just some of what we’re excited to see this year at SEMA. Be sure to follow the Revvolution Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed as we bring you the best of the 2013 SEMA show!


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