Grid'd: Ken Block's GYMKHANA Six

Need For Speed: Ken Block's Gymkhana Six The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course

Article by Randy Montgomery. Video by NeedForSpeed

A great many people know the name Ken Block, whether from watching him during the WRC, GRC, the X-Games Grid Event, or even recognizing him as the previous owner and creator of DC Shoes. With the release of Gymkhana 6 after he won at the GRC Finals in Las Vegas last week, we see a very different course setup along with a slightly shorter video. Keeping that in mind, this newest version has all the adrenaline-pumping, tire-burning action of Gymkhana.


Since the last Gymkhana in early 2013, Ken Block and his team have put together a course inspired by Formula 1 racing, Global Rally Cross, Grid, and even Need For Speed: Rivals, a new video game. The end result is a course similar to a circuit course with various obstacles, such as a series of tether balls, two small jumps requiring a little pitch to hit objects, a few shipping containers made into a spectacular S-turn, and much more. The Gymkhanavideos have become full production mini movies with a great many contributors. If you haven’t seen Gymkhana 6 yet, set aside six minutes and watch it here. It’s well worth your time and, as always, Ken Block doesn’t disappoint. Keep an eye out for Gymkhana 7, which is reportedly already in production.

Did Kenny from the Block just 1-up the rest?


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