Daniel Hovdahl: Bring Back the Touge

Article by Kevin Landers. Film by Daniel Hovdahl.

What is it about a car sliding sideways (on a public road) that makes us all giddy inside? We think it’s the way the car seems to dance across the road almost effortlessly—sliding from one side to the other as if that’s what it was designed to do. Watching this film, shot in the mountains of eastern Norway, we see Fredrik Sorlie doing what he loves. And doing it well. Such talent behind both the wheel of that amazing JZX30 Cressida and the Red Epic camera shooting those amazing shots highlights everything we love about cars.

Many of us watching this video would never believe that the genius behind it is an 19-year-old from Norway, who has an amazing passion and understanding of videography. Daniel Hovdahl knows what pulls at us as car enthusiasts and delivers it without compromise. This young and upcoming videographer started at 15 and has become a seasoned veteran at 18. Daniel’s use of color correction and music really makes you think it’s a dance between the car and the road. It also can’t hurt when you’re using equipment from the guys over at MovieBird, who were on top of it all with their awesome Russian Arm rig.


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