Weekly Top 10 Social Automotive Photography Volume IV

Article by Corey Davis. All individual Photographers are mentioned and linked.

As the selection and quality of the automotive photos we share each week gets better, it makes it even tougher for us to choose the Top 10. Last week's photos covered a broad spectrum of content and styles, so we decided to change things up a bit this week and focus more on the technical side of automotive photography. The use of external light sources can really improve a photo but can also detract from it. It's important to know what kind of mood and style you want before actually clicking the shutter. Shown below are our most recent Top 10 Automotive Photos.

Dodge SRT10 Viper

Profile shots always offer a flattering angle for cars, and the SRT-10’s curves are particularly distinctive. This shot is very clean and simple. The ridged horizontal lines of the background accentuate the sleek curves of the car. The photographer also did a nice job with lighting, giving each body panel shape and letting shadow details show.

Photo Credit: ?



Supercharged Camaro

The desaturated/cooled down background really accentuates the red paint of this supercharged Camaro SS. The photo has an industrial feel to it because of the cooler toned background. It’s often possible to give a scene a more mechanical feel by adjusting the white balance of your camera accordingly.

Photo Credit: Dash Plunkett


Chevy Camaro
Overcast days are one of the best times to photograph a car. Clouds act as a huge natural soft box, which can really bring out the lines of the vehicle. This photographer used it to his advantage along with a nice subtle background and vignetting to center the viewer’s eyes on the car. Sometimes, the best light is what you already have.

Photo Credit: FOTOmotive



Camaro Forgeline

This photo has a nice mix of artificial light (strobes) and natural sunlight hitting the vehicle. Without the strobe, the image would lack depth, and the front of the car would be left dark. The photographer used natural light in conjunction with artificial. This technique is called cross lighting and is often used for portraits of people, producing an effect similar to 3-D on the subject.

Photo Credit: Forgeline Wheels



Dodge Viper

This Viper’s paint pops! The photographer obviously lit the car using strobes, and he did a great job separating the car from the dark background while also keeping it dark, which adds a lot of drama to this photo. Using strobes is one of the best ways to get metallic paint to pop because all the metal flakes reflect the light.

Photo Credit: Javier Santiago


Jeremy Cliff GTR

We’ve picked Jeremy’s photos before, and there’s a reason. His images are always so clean, and his lighting is always spot-on. There are many different elements that go into making this photo so excellent. The background and foreground elements help to frame the car within the image, and he’s masterfully sculpted the car’s lines and detail with light. He’s also eliminated any distracting objects that would take away from the beauty of this GTR.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cliff



Nissan S15

Another great time for automotive photography is at night. Nighttime allows the photographer full control over the light. It also helps to have a matte subject, which minimizes unwanted reflections in the paint. This photographer shot this S15 during the nighttime with a long exposure and lit the vehicle using a strobe from multiple angles. Long exposures sometimes lead to unexpected results, which can either make or break an image. In this case, the extended shutter time gives a great atmosphere to the image. One can see stars and city glow in the distance. With such a great location, why not try something different?

Photo Credit: Matthew Everingham



Nissan S14

Andrey is also no stranger to us. His style is unique and technical. This is such a cool shot, as the water droplets add another facet of character to the car. It’s almost as if the drift-inspired S14 had just weathered a brutal rainstorm as the storm clouds pass by in the background. Great lightning is present here, too, and the shadow detail is awesome. You can even see the tread on the front-left tire through the bumper! Reminds us of a safari photo.

Photo Credit: Andrey Moisseyev



Strobes aren’t always needed to create an impressive image. Sometimes, it’s the lack of light that can make an image great as well. This photo has many film-like qualities. With its unique crop and subtle dark tones, it’s quite dramatic. The added motion blur to the photo creates a sense of the two vehicles racing. Who would win?

Photo Credit: Niel Banich



Corey Davis 1965 Mustang

Corey Davis, one of our feature photographers, chose to light this ’65 Mustang with strobes while also balancing the ambient light to keep the background intact. The composition and foreground elements give the viewer a sense of seeing the car in person. Lots of shadow detail balance out the bright car and let the tire tread and the modern Griggs Racing suspension pop. Check out the full feature of this car @

Photo Credit: Corey Davis




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