Import Expo x SNTRL 2013 by Halcyon Photo

Import Expo SNTRL Halcyon Photography

Article by Kevin Landers. Video by Halcyon Photography.

Didn’t make it to Import Expo, one of the East Coast’s biggest scene events? Well, Anthony over at Halcyon Photo did, and we’re glad he was there. The guys over at Import Expo in Canada hooked up with SNTRL in NYC for one of the premier events of the season at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Some of the best import cars were on display, ranging from slammed Subarus to matching Integra builds. Be sure to check out our full event coverage over @

Anthony took his time to make sure you can see the best of the show without compromise. Displaying some great camera work with smooth pans and great moving shots, his use of simple but effective techniques definitely shines. As many videographers will tell you, it’s not only how you shoot it but also how you put it all together. Anthony’s clean style and great use of speed changes as well as film burns make this a video to watch. Without a doubt, Anthony Purcell is definitely a filmmaker to keep your eye on in the future.


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