Weekly Top 10 Social Automotive Photography Vol III

Article by Ryan Randels and Corey Davis. All individual Photographers are mentioned and linked.

It was a little difficult for us to actually sit down this week and choose our Top 10. Because we had so much awesome event coverage filling our social channels, we had a ton of a specific genre being represented throughout the week. Everything from Euro Stance to JDM Hellaflush  graced the site and pages, and it’s nearly impossible to see past those photos. Nonetheless, we dug in and came up with the following selection for our Weekly Top 10 Automotive Media.

Clarity. Exposure. Sharpness. Tone. Contrast. Subject. These are all qualities that define a great photograph. And they’re exactly what we’re looking for. For the first couple of weeks, we will provide a little insight into why we chose these images so that everybody can better understand what we and our community are looking for.

Fresh Produce 993 Rauh Welt-style Widebody

After we stopped drooling over the intersection of function and form, the subtle modifications to this Porsche 993 became apparent. Among the custom fabrication and bodywork necessary to implement a perfect wide body, we noticed the "Idlers” stencil on the front right wheel. An emerging trend that’s taken the scene by storm, this stencil in particular pertains to the Idlers Club, a Japanese track organization. Wearing a badge of this magnitude speaks volumes. What a great shot from the guys over at Fresh Produce!

Photo Credit: NA

SNTRL Import Expo BMW E46 M3 Iridium titanium wheels

Straight from the Import Expo event coverage, this wide-body BMW E46 M3 clearly defies the "function” rule. But you know what? We love it. What really sets it apart (from what it looks like) aside from the show-quality paint job would be the iridium / titanium wheel lips and roof rack, which is exactly why we chose this one for the Top 10. When you see this finish, it’s definitely a showstopper. The car’s been around for years, but the finish is still at a stage that when you see it you can appreciate it. It hasn’t been overdone and hopefully never will be.

Photo Credit: Cooper Naitove

Dolorean Pedro Guerreiro Rendering

This is a perfect example of the scope of this series. While this obviously isn’t a photograph (or even a nearly perfect rendering), it represents the scene and mind of a genius artist. Who can’t appreciate a wide-body, stanced-out DeLorean?

Photo Credit: Pedro Guerreiro

Camaro SS 600 hp Corey Davis Revvolution American Scene

This photo is pure American sex. Not only is that new-gen Camaro SS packing more than 600 hp under the hood, but also it’s perfectly nested under that massive and oxidized display of Uncle Sam. Aside from the spot-on subject and composition, this image perfectly captures the essence of the American Dream. Check out our "Scene Theory: The American Dream” feature, which explores what it means to be a muscle car enthusiast in America.

Photo Credit: Corey Davis

Michael Petrino Photography Subaru GD STi Rig Shot Green Wheels

We sure do love a rig shot—probably because it’s one of those mysterious art forms that unless you’re into automotive photography you really don’t get to play around with it. Incorporate a fantastic Subaru GD STi into the mix with some excellent composition and Michael has created a fantastic piece.

Photo Credit: Michael Petrino Photography

Photos with Joel Chan Lamborhini Gallardo Top Gear Style

This Lamborghini Gallardo looks like a still straight out of Top Gear. With the epic background, cloud cover, and dramatic lighting, it’s as if the sun is peeking out at the perfect moment—just to highlight the front of the car.

Photo Credit: Joel Chan

Nick George Porsche 918 Spyder

Hot off the press, Porsche’s 918 Spyder is a looker. A great find! We dig the neon-green calipers and that oh so light carbon fiber roof. From the concept and showroom to the streets, it’s awesome seeing the production versions in person. *Nick just informed us that this isn't actually the production version but still the proto/concept. I guess we're still waiting to see that first glimpse after all!

Photo Credit: Nick George

Matt GAumont Nissan Silvia S15 JDM Enkei NT03s

This superclean Nissan Silvia S15 is a JDM fanboy’s dream. The Hyper Orange Enkei NT03s command your attention and really work to set off the car.

Photo Credit: Matt Gaumont

Strasse Forged Wheels Nissan 370Z Moterey Blue Stanced

This is perhaps one of the sickest 370Zs we’ve come across in a while. We love how the Monterey Blue pops, and the stance on this thing is just dirty. Such a sleek profile too!

Photo Credit: Strasse Forged Wheels

Pro Rodding 1970 Dodge Challenger Robert McGaffin

This 1970 Dodge Challenger is Pro Rodding done right. The detail in the shadows is great, and the background doesn’t distract you from the car in the slightest. It’s all business.

Photo Credit: Robert McGaffin

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great content nonetheless, might want to focus on photographers themselves instead of putting the wheel companies.

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Great notes Brian. We do follow the majority of those guys and have published their content before as well. Some of them we don't (can't get them all!) but will definitely take a look into their work. These articles are just focusing on the work that WE come across over the past week. If you go back to the original article it explains it a little better and in more depth as to how we choose. Aim is to just keep pumping as much good automotive photography out there as we can to help promote the photographers. As for focusing on the wheel companies, we always try to give the work the credit it deserves. We've actually "thrown out" some work from these top media articles before because we had absolutely no way of attributing it to somebody. If people would only learn to watermark everything they produce and/or protect their rights when creating content for the likes of wheel companies and other manufacturers, they would get much more attention.


I've kept up with all three articles so far and the images shown are great. I just feel like those companies shouldn't be on here. Keep up the articles though


Missing a few great automotive photographers like 1013mm aka John Zhang, Watson Lu Images, Goco Photography, K. Chow Photography, Andrew Dam Photography, K Saeng Photography, Billest Photography, Connor Surdi, K May Photography, Ray Tran Photography, E. Lo Photography, Jordan Adkins Photography, Vinnie Nguyen Photography, Zanbox Photo, Kevin Yong Photography, Kraft Photography, hsufotos, ill.motion photography, The Fourth Photography, MrJohnnyRocketz Photography, Edwin Beard Films, Walter Kim Images, Tim Scribbles Photography, Sam Ip Media, SlowNSerious Photography, Justin Sung Photography, Zach Zadoo Photography, Braxen Photography,

Nick George9/23/2013

That 918 Spyder is actually the concept version.