Weekly Top 10 Social Automotive Photography Vol II

Article By Ryan Randels and Corey Davis. All individual Photographers are mentioned and linked.

Last week we started something new, and we received a ton of really positive feedback from it. So let’s keep a good thing going, as we continue to feature the hardest-hitting images that we shared on the social channels. We’re proud to present the second volume of our weekly Top 10 Automotive Media. A few of these images were submitted directly to us, while others we stumbled upon. Want to submit your automotive photography for consideration to get shared in front of hundreds of thousands of modified automotive enthusiasts? Scroll down to the bottom of this article and find out how.

Clarity. Exposure. Sharpness. Tone. Contrast. Subject. These are all qualities that define a great photograph. And they’re exactly what we’re looking for. For the first couple of weeks, we will provide a little insight into why we chose these images so that everybody can better understand what we and our community are looking for.

evo iv light painting kay wutzman flickr

There are a couple of notable things about this picture. First, take a look at the Evo IV. The rally heritage of this car combined with its sinister looks makes this Evo one of our all-time favorites. Then combine that with a well-lit and edited shot, and you have a winner.

Photo Credit: Kay Wutzman

Maserati MC12 Corsa Edo Competition

The Maserati MC12 Corsa was developed "to be used exclusively on track or at exhibition activities organized by Maserati.” With a donated chassis and a drivetrain from Enzo, Ferrari made sure this car would never be allowed to have an opportunity to best the Enzo. If this story doesn’t deem it exclusive, we’re not sure what would. Enter Edo Karabegovic, founder of Edo Competition. Tuned to a modest 700 bhp, Edo’s version hits 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds. The second best thing would be actually having an opportunity to get up close and personal with one, and Marcel Lech’s superbly saturated and composed shot is good enough for the rest of us to drool over.

Photo Credit: Marcel Lech

Viper SRT Snake in the Grass Targa Trophy Corey Davis

This shot by Corey Davis of Team Revvolution highlights one of the feature vehicles from the Targa Trophy Experience LA to Vegas event. Affectionately named "Snake in the Grass,” we absolutely love the composition, depth of field, and perfect color rendition of this shot.

Photo Credit: Corey Davis

Ivan Dobrev Blob Eye Subaru WRX STi Drifting

This is one of those shots you would love to see what went into making it. We can all sit around and hypothesize, but at the end of the day, all of us are just hoping that Ivan was really just getting after it in that blob eye STi! Great composition.

Photo Credit: Ivan Dobrev

Garrett Wade Chevelle SS

This Chevelle deserves a shot like this to complement that color. As usual from Garrett Wade Photography, everything is spot on. Photos of cars on or near grass usually detract from the contrast in the vehicle, but Garrett was able to attain a perfect balance that really brings out the sheen of that paint job—not to mention that the uber subtle lens flare adds some great character to the image.

Photo Credit: Garrett Wade

BMW Race SEries Shot Photography

This looks like a shot out of GT5. We love the super telephoto zoom and framing of the car as it’s coming out of the trees in the background. The slight angle of the photo complements the shallow depth of field, allowing the viewer’s eyes to move straight to the car. Even with the motion stopped by the speed of the shutter, you can literally feel the momentum of this widebody BMW.

Photo Credit: Photography

Chrome R35 GT-R ADV1 Wheels

This photo is sick—full of drama with the approaching storm clouds in the background, while the diffused light is perfect for the chrome-wrapped Nissan R35 GT-R. The industrial setting is great for such a technical-looking car.

Photo Credit: ? ADV.1 Wheels

Dodge SRT Viper HRE Wheels

One of the first professional shots we’ve seen that didn’t belong on the Dodge website, this new SRT Viper sitting on HREs stands out from the rest. The photographer used a wide-open aperture to obtain a shallow depth of field, which really brings the front of the car to the viewer’s attention. A clean shot.

Photo Credit: Hybred Media / HRE Wheels

Old School JDM Corvette NotStock Photography

This is a nicely lit photo; the setting sun casts a great real lens flare and helps to separate the back of the car from the dark background. Great location for such a timeless car with an updated JDM build.

Photo Credit: NotStock Photography

Pepper Yandell Gas Monkey Garage F40 Spewing Flames

We love how this photo was executed. The light-painted car looks great, and the highlights were done perfectly. One can really get a sense of speed and the car hauling ass through a tunnel while spitting out flames—not to mention the history behind this Gas Monkey Garage–built F40 resurrected from the grave.

Photo Credit: Pepper Yandell

Turbo Movie Camaro

People’s Choice. This Camaro looks like something out of Star Trek. We have no idea how the driver sees around that blower. This picture had to be included since it received well over 1,600 shares in a single day. Built for the movie Turbo, this Camaro is one-of-a-kind ridiculous.

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